Cubasis 1.7 update!


The Cubasis 1.7 update has been released. Here is what you can expect from the update.
Please note that with this update you will need an updated version of the Cubasis Project Importer (v.1.4) to be able to read Cubasis 1.7 projects in Cubase. The updated importer (v.1.4) is already available for download on the usual place (check the other thread).
The list of issues and solutions will be added to this thread soon.


  • Use Inter-App Audio apps as insert/send effects.
  • Choose Inter-App Audio apps as instruments for your MIDI tracks.
  • Select any Inter-App Audio app as input on audio tracks.

**OTHER **

  • Inputs popup added to the inspector to easily assign tracks
  • New in-app help system including interactive search function.
  • AudioCopy 2.0 SDK has been implemented.
  • Routing option “No Instrument” has been put on top of list in the instrument list.
  • Disconnecting Cubasis in the Audiobus app shuts it down to save battery if there is no further activity.

CB-1351 Registering Cubasis at MySteinberg now works as expected with devices running iOS7.
CB-1336 Assignment of available outputs of the RME UFX audio interface now works as expected.
CB-1349 Browsing MicroSonic instruments quickly no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-1350 AudioCopy and AudioPaste between apps now works as expected on iOS7.
CB-1366 Stereo waveform channels are no longer shown swapped in the arranger or wave editor.
CB-1368 Inserting Cubasis as input and output in Audiobus now works as expected.

To ensure a smooth experience please read carefully this important information before submitting bug reports:

  • The maximum number of possible Inter-App Audio connections depends on the device being used. Newer faster devices can establish more connections than older ones.
  • If your device is running low on memory, Inter-App Audio connections will be abruptly cut without notice by iOS.
  • Connections sometimes fail if the node app is already running (due to a bug in iOS 7).
  • Rule of thumb when working with Inter-App Audio: Quit all audio apps, launch Cubasis and then connect Inter-App Audio nodes. Don’t launch node apps manually before launching Cubasis!
  • Connected node apps don’t always appear in the iOS multitask mode when you double tap the home button. This is an iOS 7 issue which can lead to connections failing. As a workaround, launch the node app manually from the home screen, then double tap the home button and swipe up to quit it.

Check out this video tutorial we did that shows you how to use Inter-App Audio in Cubasis 1.7:

Awesome. Will it be possible to render / freeze iaa instrument tracks and export as audio or do they need to be recorded back in to audio channels?


Yes, you can freeze them. :slight_smile:

Hi Carlos,
Will it support multiple instances of the same instrument?
For instance, 5 midi track that pilot 5 instances of sampletank?


Nope,that’s not possible.IAA is restricted to one instance per app.

That’s correct, that’s an IAA limitation. You can however freeze one track, unload the app and then load it to a new track.

Sampletank is 4-part multitimbral and receives 4 MIDI channels. Would be possible to create an option in Cubasis to manage 4 or more tracks with a single instance of the APP (SampleTank in this case)?

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:
Lets hope now that sampletank will support multichannel midi.
That would be great :-p

I never found a way to send multi channel midi to sampletank and to selelect different banks in sampletank. Is there a documentation somewhere that explains the workflow?

Thanks :wink:

yes you can!

  1. select parts (below ABCD)
  2. choose the preset you want in slots A, B, C and D
  3. Click on CH in ABCD slot to change the MIDI channel (CH1 are all of defoult)
    Greetings from Italy

Thank you, that’s something i thouht impossible…

I will test this tonight. It will save me a lot of time :slight_smile:
Now, let’s hope we will be able to make this with IAA

Cubasis 1.7 is already available now!

Great, thanks for the new update!

I´m working with cubasis and Sample Tank for a while now.
Sample Tank offers 4 channels, for wich you can choose any sound in ST.
With the default settings Parts A - D are matched to Channels 1 - 4.

Thank you again!


Pop the Champagne, light the Cigars! Well done! Well done indeed.

Gut gemacht!

Top Notch implementation, Great work Steinberg !

So fucoso, I want to be clear and make sure I understand…Are you saying that you have sampletank loaded as an IAA node, and you are able to control all four channels (1-4), with different instruments, through separate midi track lanes? You ARE able to use IAA with Sampletank and utilize all four instruments at the same time with separate midi?

This is fantastic, now we need more companies to support IAA and finally the super portable studio is a reality :open_mouth: well once we have automation :laughing: 1.8, here’s looking at you :mrgreen:

Yes you can, one track for sampletank iaa
4 midi track midi out channel 1 to 4 MUTED all the channel out dest sampletank
Do not forgot to select (red) the four part in sampletank and to modify the respective channel for each part