Cubasis 1.8.1 available now!


The update is available now!
Bluetooth, AirPlay and HDMI audio out support
New noise gate effect
Extended transport controls in the audio editor

Setup redesign
Selecting a channel in the mixer automatically scrolls its corresponding track into the visible area above the mixer.
After splitting an event only the newer part becomes selected.
Selecting a track is now also possible by touching its adjacent area in the arrange window.
When recording with the on-board keyboard the corresponding MIDI track gets autoscrolled into the visible area above the keyboard.
Double-tap resets the values of the transpose popup.
Mixer view gets updated if a track has been selected and its corresponding channel in the mixer is invisible.
Behaviour of MIDI and automation editor tools has been improved.
Tempo popup button behaviour has been improved.

CB-1797 Pasting MIDI events in the MIDI editor is no longer limited to one-time use.
CB-1779 Volume and pan values of a frozen track that contain automation data will now be reseted.
CB-1781 Fixes a problem where the recording of chord pads was limited to single notes (instead of chords).
CB-1311 Triggering MIDI notes in cycle mode via external keyboard no longer leads to a note off command at the end of the cycle.
CB-777 Fixes an issue where autoscroll was unnecessarily triggered if an audio event handle was moved.
CB-1288 Snap and quantization grid settings are now saved with the project.
CB-1778 Freezing a track during playback at high CPU load no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-1802 Setup view will now be properly closed when switching to another view.
CB-1793 Audio editor playback now stops exactly at the right locator.
CB-1799 Fixes a rare problem where certain MIDI files (Format 1) were imported as single tracks.
CB-1850 MIDI Inputs assignment with external apps now works as expected.
CB-1819 Punch in recording now works as expected.

A new version of the Cubasis Project Importer is available now. Please make sure you install it as well:

Hooray! Thanks for continuing to evolve this fantastic app!

Looking forward to this update!

The update is now available!

Thank You !

And an announcement in the main Anoouncements forum! Now we’re in the big time!

Awesome support all 'round…

Thanks for the continuing updates!

Cheers guys. Keep up the good work :smiley: :smiley:

Excellent work, thanks!

I’m not loving the new setup design, much preferred having everything on one screen. Now you have to go searching the tabs for the various options. Preferred the old screen. Just my opinion of course :slight_smile:

Love it! Uh I can’t remember those note edit momentary buttons being there before, but they work great. Drawing in and editing stuff is way easier now, so I can put the buffer size up on my iPad mini (non retina).

The problem is that the settings didn’t fit on one page anymore because with each update we get more and more. :slight_smile:

I see, I guess you’ve future proofed it. Fair enough :slight_smile:

Did you add any new settings with this update then?

Fantastic update indeed :slight_smile:
When can we expect AudioBus 2.1 compatibility?
PS; Being dev myself, it takes approx 15 minutes to implement it :wink:
It will also make Cubasis ios 8 compatible btw;

I actually think the new Setup menu is very good. The noise gate is a very welcome add-on too. I’d still like a slope control for the filter but effects wise it covers all the basics :slight_smile:

Fantastic work guys, you never fail to impress.

I like it a lot
Please add in next update “Marker function”
Thanks Andy

Cubasis has become a fantastic tool meanwhile. For the first time I’m on vacation just with an iPad Air and a lightweight hardware synth, and this combination simply works like a charm, arranging and composing to Cubasis.

Thanks a lot for a great package becoming better with each update!
It allows to record music on the move everywhere, anytime, and then import into Cubase 7.5 in the home studio.

One feature wish: It would be great to have a better midifile management with user subfolders (especially important for managing midi drum grooves).

You can all ready do this by creating subfolder with a PC and a program called "diskaid " there is free version for the PC and you can sync the iPad without iTunes.It lets you add folders to the midi and audio folders of cubasis !!After you created the folders you want you can then upload you files via wifi server.

But it would be great if an future update would incl this within the cubasis !

Thanks for the hint! Sounds like a very helpful workaround.

Hello, I was wondering how far down the road Midi Learn functionality is? I would like to stop/start tracks/fx with my midi controller. Thanks.

Cubasis is my Go-To DAW on the iPad. I continue to use it daily, so please take the following in the spirit of constructive criticism and a desire for further improvement :slight_smile:

I must have missed this - and maybe it was not even this revision - but I realized that there is no live track monitoring or dynamic Audiobus level setting in Cubasis now if the track is coming from Audiobus. That is not welcome. I want to be able to get a sense of the input levels and change them in the mix during recording. Please will you add this back even if you do not add the “speaker through” icon back.

I’m also of the opinion that the settings page was easier to navigate when it was one page.

Kind regards

Derek Jones.