Cubasis 1.8 - Roadmap

Hi all,

I just want to share with you some details about the roadmap of Cubasis according to our plan.
Here are some of the features that will be included in the next updates:

Cubasis 1.7 - released!
Inter-app audio support

Cubasis 1.8

That is fantastic news. I was quietly hoping for Inter-App Audio support in the next update and lest not forget Automation.
Love it, can’t wait… :slight_smile:

So can we get a estimated timeframe on the IAA support.


I can’t give specific dates, but it will be about the same time interval as all other updates have been released.

My big question is what IAA will give us. At the very least it looks like letting us do an audiobus-like copy paste.

What I was hoping for was the ability to open up multiple instances of a synth app, and play it via midi inside Cubasis (with a cherry on top of being able to program automation).

Is that on the roadmap at all, or at least “under consideration”?

Hi fourfourfun,

We will try to do the best implementation of Inter-app audio as we did with Audiobus, but we can only make real things that the Inter-app audio SDK from Apple let us do.

Good news, good plan!

great news, can’t wait for the automation …don’t forget please the midi messages CC/PC/SysEx any roadmap for those ?

Hopefully not as long as the last update timeframe.

Good news, hope the wait no to long as last update

There will be also tempo change option in the same project in one of these release?

As easy as it is to implement Inter-App Audio in Apps like synths, FX and samplers, it takes much more effort and time to implement this new tech in “host” Apps like Cubasis or Auria.
Give Steinberg some slack guys and don’t expect it to happen overnight :wink:
It will happen though :slight_smile:

I regret i bought cubasis mainly because i cannot tweak most of the instruments except attack and release. And when i open pads in micrologue, my ipad mini stutters the sound. I tried keeping it to 16 polyphony, but still same. I had only a piano, bass, strings and a drum kit which all are basic patches… Not insert effects were added. Only reverb send fx in piano alone. But… I didn’t expect this basic setup to get stuttering problems in my ipad mini.

Please anyone help if i missed something.

There should be more tweekable instruments, like able to pitchshift, fine tune an instrument.and even to make an instrument mono poly with legato setting.

@anilnc I have had success running Micrologue from within Audiobus with the buffer set to 512 in Audiobus. Be nice Cubasis had a buffer size option.

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Hi, thanks. It worked. But this is limitation in ipad mini? The cpu meter in cubasis is crossing 60-75% already. :frowning:

Plase deleoppers, I really wait for the possibility to arrange my hundrets of sound files. let me make folders in Cubasis, as it is possible in Auria for example



pls add double/half tempo of the recorded the midi file…