Cubasis 1.9

When can we expect an update , Cubasis 1.9,any sneak peak of whats coming.

Good question! Looking forward to the answer.

Hello guys,

Check this out!

Thanks, saw it , let’s hope 1.9 would bring us folder and group track with a proper drum sampler.
Good jod to development team and continue to make Cubasis one of the best iOS DAW

Please add pitch correction to cubasis, i use cubasis for all my music production ! But i miss so hard pitch correction and import midi from other daw, cubasis is the best !

The key feature I’d like to see is the ability to create and name your own folders in MediaBay. And then drag and drop appropriately. All the MediaBay categories could benefit from this: projects, mixdowns as well. As well as multitrack stuff, I also use cubasis as a single track sample editor and folders to organise everything would be great.

The question is also whether a separate wavelab like program for ipad would be useful (and whether people would buy it!)

The “remember state” fix in 1.8.3 is very handy. Thanks for that!

Desirable but not essential: ability to split stereo tracks into separate mono tracks. I can do this in audioshare so it’s not so desperate but it would be useful.

Useful feature you’ve already included and I thank you for it: phase reversal as a send effect

I’d really like to see the VST amp and Bass amp emulators. Doesn’t have to be the full range of amps but it would mean not having to use external apps. I do think the amp emulators in Cubase are very underrated.