Cubasis 2.0 - cannot export and reimport MIDI-CC content

I have an issue with Cubasis2.0 on iOS10.2.

I created a project with only 1 track (MIDI), and only 1 Object. In that object I created two control events, BankSelectMSB:=8 and ProgramChange:=21.

I then tried to “mixdown as MIDI”, and an entry in the “Mixdown” list of the MediaBay is created as expected.
==> Bug: then I cannot insert (drag and drop) that back in into any project.

Workaround: If I add at least one MIDI note event into the same MIDI object and mix it down, I can insert (drag and drop) that back into any project. Not clear what is the minimum content without side effects for a MIDI object to have the reimport working.

A side-issue I noticed: it would be really convenient for the workflow if I could move MIDI objects from the MediaBay/Mixdown list to the MediaBay/MIDI list, without having to send it as an EMail draft, close that daft (if not saved and reopened as draft, you cannot tap the attachment to import it), open that again, then tap the attachment, then import into Cubasis, then delete the EMail draft again … Hope you get the idea of how cumbersome work is under iOS when you have to leave the MediaBay abstraction layer and fool around with apple file/mail exchange. Could be achieved in a single drag-and-drop action.

Another side-issue (more of a feature request):
I cannot select a MIDI object and export it directly to MIDI, but have to first copy the MIDI object of interest into an empty project with a single, empty MIDI track. Then mixdown that dummy project as MIDI. Not efficient, but maybe Cubasis has to “mix in” alls sorts of context into such an export, such as “MIDI channel of the track” etc. , so I can see the logic behind full-blown “mixdown” semantics. Still if you knew how to more efficiently export only 1 single track from a multi-track project (muting the other tracks did not work), I’d be very glad to learn that.

Btw., just having to tab and hold an object to have the “L”- and “R”-locators auto-adjust is one of the coolest user experiences I have ever seen on any platform, and works so well with “mixdown between locators”. In summary: horizontal free-form selection works, vertical free-form-selection works not.

User story:
My motivation is to create a set of MIDI-Snippets in the MediaBay/MIDI list, named for instance

  • CC-bs16i-ItalianAccordion


so that I can easily setup tracks in new projects without digging into MIDI-code Documentation and the KeyEditor’s “Parameter” field to specify them. After import of such MIDI snippets the Objects in the tracks show up with the snippet names, which gives a really good overview.

Best Regards!

Hi Cubase-Cubasis-User,

Maybe I missunderstand you, but export and reimport Midi CC data works here as expected.

It’s an standard testcase for the cubasis importer.

Here my tescase :

  • create midi track, midi event and write Midi CC Data for all controller, from CC 0 - CC 127 inside the midi event
  • set locater on midi event and create midi mixdown “A”
    Result : midi file is created
  • import midi file “A” into Cubase
    Result : midi file is imported in cubase and all CC Data from CC0 - CC127 available and readable.
  • import midi file from cubasis>media>mixdown back into the current cubasis project
    Result : Midi Track is created and midi file is placed on midi track
    -open midi file > the midi editor opened, select controller list and select eg. CC-124
    Result : midi controller editor is enhanced and all CC-data from CC0-CC127 are visible, selectable and usable.

see attached picture :
Program Change
Bank Select
Only midi export and reimport from midi events without midi notes inside doesn’t work.
It’s not a bug , it’s an feature request.

I put it on the feature request list.

best Jan