Cubasis 2.1 and the state of AU preset saving


I think I recall reading around this forum that it is the responsibility of the AU host to be able to offer the ability to save presets back into the AU instrument, but can’t seem to find this within version 2.1 of Cubasis.

Checking my Cubasis, I see no ability to save an AU preset if the program itself doesn’t offer as part of their functionality. I use Poison-202, iSem, iViking, and various Ruismaker AU’s and there still isn’t a standard method of saving presets within Cubasis for some of these AU’s. But when using Mod Step, I do have the ability to save presets.

It seems Cubasis has had AU support for some time, but this seems a glaringly major omission from the feature set of the application. I had to stop using Cubasis some time ago because of this, but am wondering if this is roadmapped for future deployment?

Actually, it seems I asked this same question over a month ago here:

I was told AU presets would be supported in 1.9.8, but I still do not see this in 2.1. Am I missing something?

Hi Fotizimo,

Thanks for your message.

Apple’s AU standard is limited to load presets, and does not allow to save presets.
So far we did not announce the addition of an AU preset saving scheme ourselves.

In our view, the presets should be saveable in the instruments itself and not Cubasis, as it is the case with Arturia iSEM or other app instruments. Of course, it would also be great if Apple would support the saving of presets in the AU standard.


Thanks for getting back to me Lars,

I am saddened that other iOS DAWs have this feature, yet Steinberg has stuck Cubasis users in between an unfinished standard by Apple, AU developers that do not provide this in-app, and a feature readibly available by other developers in other DAWs.

So yet again, I will need to put Cubasis away and use something else because it is not reasonable to have a music instrument that cannot save complex settings for use outside of individual songs or other DAWs. Between the inability to manage instrument presets and the inability to manage folders, I just can’t use the app seriously.