Cubasis 2.1 iRig interface recording problem

Hi, i purchased Cubasis 2.1 tonight and plugged in my iRig/Guitar, I’m running through Bias FX inter app audio into Cubasis 2.1.

I noticed when i listen back to what I’ve recorded i can hear the metronome still in the back of what I’ve recorded.

Do you think this is down to using a very cheap interface? It did only cost approx £10.

Or am i not doing something right?


Hi Ben,

Thanks for your message.

If an audio recording contains the metronome signal this could be related to cross talk caused by a loud headphone or similar. I suggest to search the web for tips how to avoid this problem.

Hope that helps!


Hi guys,

i have bene experiecing the same problem. When I record guitars I hear the click in the actual track when it’s recorded.
I use Bias trough Audiobus to cubasis.

Please advise



Hi Nex,

So far we have not experienced similar issues, which seems unrelated to Cubasis.

I suggest to get in touch with the hardware manufacturer.
Also, it might make sense to browse the web how to avoid crosstalk issues, when recording audio.

Hope that helps!


If you’re using the original iRig that plugs into the iPad headphone jack you’re getting crosstalk.
There is NO way to avoid this, it’s a limitation of using the headphone/mic jack.

Tons of USB audio interfaces are supported via the Apple(only use the authentic, not a knock-off) Camera Connection Kit.
Or get one of the newer iRigs like the HD or Pro that plug in via lightning connection, you’ll get pristine sound quality.


Thanks again, Carl!