Cubasis 2.3 and Waves Plug-in IAP available

Dear all,

We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of Cubasis 2.3 and Waves Plug-in IAP!
Below please find all details regarding our latest Cubasis update, version 2.3 and the great new Waves plug-in in-app purchase additions.

Our great small team has worked hard in recent weeks and months to provide you with a satisfying update, packed with many user-requested features and improvements.
Additionally we are excited and proud regarding the great cooperation with our good friends from Waves, enabling us to provide you with a very fine selection of pro-grade plug-ins.

Please note that you’re able to grab Cubasis at 50% off, and save big time on other in-app purchases until Dec 5, 2017!

Please allow me to close, by asking for your support in rating Cubasis in the App Store (since current ratings are always lost with every update release).
Be assured it won’t take much of your time and is of very great help for us!

Many thanks for your support in advance!

Now, enjoy the latest Cubasis 2.3 update and the great new Waves plug-ins IAP!

Best wishes,

Cubasis 2.3 + Waves IAP | Promo Video

Cubasis 2.3 + Waves IAP | Tutorial

What’s New in Cubasis 2.3
• 25th year anniversary Waves plug-in in-app purchases — Extend Cubasis with exclusive award-winning Waves plug-ins
• Waves AudioTrack Channel Strip (in-app purchase) — Get a mixing console’s channel strip including compression, EQ and gating in one convenient, intuitive plug-in
• Waves L1 Ultramaximizer (in-app purchase) — Make your tracks sound professional, with proper loudness levels that will let them stand out
• Waves Q10 Equalizer (in-app purchase) — Use the pro’s first choice and enjoy surgically precise equalization for mixing your tracks
• Waves Plug-in Bundle — Polish your tracks to perfection with three all-time classic plug-ins from Waves
• Audio Unit automation — Record subtle parameter changes from your favorite AU instrument and effect apps on the fly
• Audio Unit user presets — Easily load and save your favorite AU presets
• Cubasis effect user presets — Create your own effect presets with the simple touch of a button
• Over 200 Cubasis effects factory presets — Choose a preset to instantly achieve perfect sounding results for any track
• More than 70 FX Pack factory presets — Infuse new life into your FX Pack effects with this massive preset library

Cubasis 2.3 Maintenance and Improvements

CB-3882 Latest Audiobus 3.0.3 SDK added
CB-3886 Latest élastique 3.2.3 SDK added
CB-3890 Dark iOS keyboard style added
CB-3887 Effect rack has been enlarged to full screen width.
CB-3897 Insert and send effect slots have been updated with multi line effect name displays.
CB-3884 Revised effect selection popup list added to provide better usability and faster operation.
CB-3948 Revised instrument rack list added to provide better usability and faster operation.

Instruments & Plug-ins
CB-3996 Solves a problem where the Pan & Tremolo plug-in shows inefficient effect parameter values.
CB-2452 Exit MiniSampler edit mode while keys are pressed no longer results in hanging notes.
CB-4083 Switching or automating the available types of the filter plug-in no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-2126 Undo of adding an effect no longer leads to an empty effect rack.
CB-3027 Solves a problem where opening the AU/IAA effect list can lead to unloading of previously loaded effects.
CB-3691 Fixes a problem where adding AU or IAA effects requires two undo steps to remove the effect.
CB-3692 Solves a rare phenomenon where undo changes can lead to renaming effect names into “Audio Unit”.
CB-3883 Scrolling the inspector section now works as expected when an Audio Unit effect is opened.
CB-3888 Send level sliders are no longer moveable if no effect is assigned.
CB-3955 Fixes a cosmetically issue where selected AUX instruments can result in a reduced height of the Cubasis on-board keyboard.
CB-4033 Fixes a problem where the Undo history gets lost after undoing an effect edit.

Audio Unit
CB-4095 Significant improvement of Audio Unit stability and performance.
CB-2824 Audio Unit preset state is now kept when a plug-in cannot be loaded.
CB-2934 Solves several problems, where the user interface of an Audio Unit effect or instrument disappears or gets corrupted.
CB-3016 Fixes a rare problem where the user interfaces of Audio Unit instruments and effects can become corrupted.
CB-2941 AUX assignments and parameters will now be kept if loading of an AUX application fails due to several reasons.
CB-2817 Solves several issues where loading projects that contain several Audio Unit instances can render Cubasis unreliable.

CB-4082 Solves a rare issue where unlocking of RoomWorks SE fails when already being registered.
CB-2177 Solves a rare problem where an error message is displayed when opening projects that contain Micrologue tracks.
CB-1969 Solves a rare issue, where Cubasis opens an empty project instead of last opened project.
CB-2376 Resolves a problem with random CPU spikes that can appear during transport and user interface operations.
CB-4081 Solves a rare problem, where importing files via iCloud Drive can render Cubasis unreliable.
CB-3891 Automation editor folder has been renamed from “All” to “Recorded”.
CB-4011 Performing a track freeze with no or disabled effect no longer results in long effect tail.
CB-4079 Creating a mixdown now mutes any MediaBay previews that are playing.

Absolutely perfect! Thanks a lot! You are awesome!!

Very solid update, you guys are knocking it out of the park!

I was kind of hoping for 12.9" iPad Pro resolution support though…

I am thankful. Bring on the IAPS!

Great to see the Waves IAP! From my longish post (Cubasis to Cubase desktop workflow - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums) a question about them, which I am dying to get an answer for :wink::

Will the project importer in Cubase be able to transfer the Waves plugin settings if I have the plugins on desktop?

Outstanding update!

Waves FX are great. User presets for AU and effects are very useful. AU automation is nice to have. Even the little touch of effect and instrument organization feels great.

Best update yet. :sunglasses:

Hi kimeiroma,

Thanks for your kind feedback about Cubasis 2.3 and the Waves Plug-in IAP!

In this moment, our engineering is exactly sitting on this topic, and we hope being able to answer the question as soon as possible.


Hi all,

To prevent you from running into issues, we’ve released an article regarding the limitations of Audio Unit automation, and also updated the known issues section. Please follow the links below for more info.

Limitations of Audio Unit automation

Cubasis Known Issues


Thanks for the nice feedback so far!
We’re very glad you like the latest update, version 2.3 alongside the Waves Plug-in IAP additions (we love them too)!

Enjoy making music!


Thank you so much. How about the mixer channel pre gain trim & metering that I have been obsessing about :wink: - can we expect this to be added? Have a great day!

Hello, Thanks for the great update. I’ve purchased the Fx and Classic Machines bundles at the sale price, but the Buy button for the Waves Plug-in Bundle IAP sale is not working, at least since 2 pm USA Pacific Standard Time Sunday 11/26. I hope this gets fixed before the sale ends.


Hi muzkbotan,

Thanks for your message.

In the Cubasis in-app shop, please open the “Waves” folder and choose the product you want to purchase (Waves Plug-in Bundle, Waves AudioTrack…)
Afterwards it should be possible to order the product via the buy button located top right.

Please let me know if this helps to solve the problem.


I have been doing exactly what your message says I should do.

When I open the Waves folder in the In-App shop, the main Waves folder shows the Plug-In Bundle on sale for Buy Now at $7.99 US, the next line shows the Waves Plug-in Bundle for $19.99 US, the regular price, and this is followed by the individual Waves Plug-ins at the regular price of $7.99 US each. I have been trying to purchase the Waves Plug-in Bundle at the sale price since Sunday 11/26, but the Buy Now button for the $7.99 price isn’t responding (finger tap the Buy Now button and nothing happens, even after waiting a long time). All of the other Plug-in Bundles (Fx1 and 2, and Classic Machines) Buy Now buttons for the sale price worked perfectly, with the transaction progress screen opening within seconds.

I think maybe there’s something wrong with the IAP button/link to the IOS App Store or the App Store purchasing setup for just the sale priced ($7.99 US) Waves Plug-in Bundle. I’m running Cubasis 2.3 on an iPad Air 2 with IOS 11 (latest version), and I’m located in the San Francisco, California area of the United States.

Thanks for helping with this.


Hi Allen,

Thanks for your message.

The Waves plug-ins just have been introduced, and are not on sale at this moment.
The individual Waves Plug-Ins sell for $7.99, the Waves Plug-In Bundle (containing L1, Q10 and AudioTrack) comes at $19.99.

Best wishes,

Thanks for your reply. The way that the IAP store looks in Cubasis, all the plugin bundles, including the Waves bundle, are shown with a reduced price on the folder lines, and with a regular bundle price for the bundle listing inside the folder. My Cubasis 2.3 shows two prices for the Waves Plugin Bundle ($7.99 and 19.99), each with its own Buy Now button. If the Waves bundle is not on sale, this should be fixed. I purchased the Classic Machines, Fx 1 and Fx 2 bundles at reduced prices ($7.99, 3.99 and 3.99) by tapping the Buy Now buttons on their folder lines. I was frustrated because the Buy Now button showing the Waves plugin bundle at $7.99 on the folder line does not work.

Have you looked at the Cubasis 2.3 IAP Store to see how it appears to Cubasis users?


Hi Allan,

Thanks for your message.

The FX Pack 1, FX Pack 2 and Classic Machines in-app purchases are available as single products (bundling individual components) only.
In contrast, the Waves in-app shop folder houses separate in-app purchases, such as the individual Waves plug-ins, as well as the Waves Plug-Ins Bundle.

To avoid confusion, we will improve the Waves in-app shop folder item handling with the next Cubasis update.