cubasis 2.3 AU automation

hi there,
trying to automate the delay and feedback parameters in audio damage dubstation au, using the au gui interface OR the normal list interface in automations i can only automate one parameter, as soon as i try to adjust the other looping back round again it wipes the previous parameters drawing. mentioned this on the audiobus forum but Lars didn’t respond.
the interesting thing, and a bit of a saving grace is that if i go to the automation using the gui of the new list of switchable au automations that appear in the channel sidebar it seems to work. is there reports of this issue elsewhere, is it just a dubstation or audio damage thing?
anyways, as the au automating is one of the most important features of this update i thought it wise to report it here.

Hi stockhausen,

Thanks for your message.

Our engineering was not able to reproduce the issue.
Please provide us with a short video that shows all steps (please upload via Dropbox, download link via private message).