Cubasis 2.4.1 supplemental update available

Dear all,

We are very pleased to announce the availability of Cubasis 2.4.1

What’s New in Cubasis 2.4.1
CB-4093 Track freeze and mixdown of resource-intensive AU instruments now works as expected.
CB-4370 (iOS 9.3.5) Drawing MIDI notes or using note repeat no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-4329 It is now possible to record the MIDI output from AU instruments, that support this feature.
CB-4307 AU MIDI plug-ins no longer appear in AU instrument list.
CB-4349 AU instruments no longer appear in AU MIDI plug-in list.
CB-4363 AU MIDI processor plug-ins are now correctly listed as MIDI effects.
CB-4364 Cubasis no longer renders unreliable if a broken AU plug-in is loaded.

Download Cubasis 2.4.1 for the iPad

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I just left you the best 5 star review I could possibly come up with, and a decent post on the Audiobus forum too. I’m very grateful you’ve worked so hard at making Cubasis such a fantastic DAW. I’m probably the only one on your forum that doesn’t want any more updates, I like it just like it is.

Thanks for your feedback, Noisehorse!


awesome update lars, thank you!

Thanks thechi, this has been achieved by a great team… :slight_smile: