Cubasis 2.4 available

Dear all,

We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of Cubasis 2.4, adding highly user-requested new features as well as fixes and improvements throughout the app.

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Introducing Audio Unit MIDI, Cubasis 2.4 allows to sequence and control instruments via third-party AU MIDI plug-ins with ease. There also is Apple Files app support enabling you to view, preview and organize all Cubasis files quickly. In addition, the update provides fixes and improvements throughout the app.

Also today, the Spring Sale starts, offering 50% off on Cubasis and Waves Plug-In Bundle in-app purchase, as well as great discounts on all other selected Cubasis in-app purchases. The offer runs until April 10, 2018.

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Now, enjoy Cubasis and making music!


Join film score composer and music producer Dom Sigalas in this hands-on Cubasis 2.4 tutorial, for a walk-through of the new Cubasis features:
Cubasis 2.4 Tutorial

What’s New in Cubasis 2.4
• Audio Unit MIDI support - Playfully integrate third-party AU MIDI plug-ins such as arpeggiator, step sequencer and others*
• Files app support - Easily browse, search and organize all your Cubasis files - on your iPad, in iCloud Drive and across other cloud services*
• Maintenance and support - For the complete list of improvements, issues and solutions please see below

Cubasis Spring Sale (runs until April 10, 2018)

Cubasis 2 $24.99/27.99€ (Reg. $49.99/54.99€)
Waves Plug-in Bundle IAP $9.99/10.99€ (Reg. $19.99/21.99€)
Classic Machines IAP $3.99/4.49€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)
FX Pack 1 IAP $3.99/4.49€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)
FX Pack 2 IAP $3.99/4.49€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)

Cubasis 2.4 Maintenance and Improvements
Audio Unit and Inter-app audio
CB-4346 Solves a problem where undoing a track freeze with Tardigrain AU leads to unexpected results.
CB-4235 Support for AU and IAA plug-in short names added for insert and send effects slots.
CB-4163 Duplicating an AU instrument that includes automation data now works as expected.
CB-4237 Optional AU mixdown compatibility mode added to setup, for AU plug-ins that return noise or silence on export.
CB-4276 Tapping the icon of a disconnected IAA instrument in the Inspector now opens the instrument rack.

Track Freeze
CB-4146 Solves a problem where the use of track freeze did not free up memory and CPU usage of AU plugins.
CB-4168 Automation of frozen tracks no longer uses CPU resources.
CB-4164 Automation data no longer gets overwritten during mixdown or freeze.
CB-3987 Track freeze now works as expected for tracks routed to other outputs than 1+2.
CB-4244 Unfreeze pop up no longer appears for unchanged tracks.
CB-4243 Dedicated inspector sections are now correctly disabled for frozen tracks.

CB-4185 Solves a rare problem where deleting an insert effect renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-4239 Solves a rare intermittent problem, where closing the MIDI editor can render Cubasis unreliable.
CB-4202 Highly-frequented Core MIDI input no longer leads to ignored notes.
CB-4166 Existing automation data gets correctly deleted, when selecting “No instrument”.
CB-4156 Automation mode gets disabled when re-assigning insert effects in read or write mode.
CB-4236 Effect rack no longer closes when selecting another effect plug-in.
CB-4203 Solves a problem where touch input at the very bottom of the iPad screen was ignored.
CB-4170 Solves a problem where the Audiobus panel in Cubasis did not show other apps connected to Audiobus.
CB-4200 Solves a touch offset problem with the vowel slider of the TalkBox (FX Pack IAP) effect.

GREAT :slight_smile:

Short Question regarding the Files App Support:
-is there a subfolder Support within Cubasis - from my first experience i have to say NO
-Drag and Drop directly into Cubasis would be a great addon - 100%

Thanks a lot for this big step/upgrade; makes Cubasis much more flexible

Hi there…after this latest update having trouble with folders.

Created a subfolder thats not showing in cubasis properly. The subfolders don’t show and then abruptly change into an effects folder of some sort. Please see attached video that shows where i placed them and how its behaving once i try to navigate to them in Cubasis.

Great update btw!

UPDATE: I removed these sub folders and placed all my sample folders back into just the “Audio” portion and deleted the “Pro Samples” folders and now the whole “Audio” folder is behaving this way. In that when i try to navigate through it it snaps into an effects folder or something.

UPDATE 2: In hopes of “restoring” the file structures (or something lol) I offloaded the app and reinstalled and getting the same behaviour. This may have done nothing in the grand scheme of things but just in case it mattered, wanted to update.

It looks like the update has deleted existing user subfolder structures (for example in the Midi user folder) including user files here.
Thankfully I seem to have many of them still available on another iPad with an older Cubasis verison (2.2).

Creating a better file system is great, but I’m really not sure, how reliable it will work.

Good Morning,
Apologies if this a basic question…how can I force my existing 2.3.1 app to accept the new 2.4 update? When I locate the app in the App store,the blue logo next to the Cubasis 2 app marked Open merely opens my existing app and does not appear to offer the latest build version.

I’m running 2.3.1 on iPad Mini 2 with IOS 11.2.6.

Have I missed something fundamental here,as I’m going round in circles…?


Neil Cummins

Hi Neil,

Cubasis 2.4 should appear in the App Store app, available as a free update.

You might give the following steps a try:

  • Please log-off your iTunes/App Store account
  • Shut off and restart the iPad
  • Log-in to your iTunes / App Store account
  • Check if the 2.4 update is available for download

Hope that helps to solve the problem.
If the issue persists, please get in touch with Apple.


Thanks Lars,I’ll try your suggested steps.



Hi, I was trying to upgrade from Cubasis LE to Cubasis through in-app purchases. The transaction seemed to go through but not the upgrade. When I checked “Purchases” on my iTunes Account it showed that “Cubasis LE 2, Cubasis Upgrade” was Pending. Usually my purchases are instant. I contacted Apple and they said I should be dealing with Steinberg to resolve this but in the meantime I should avoid making any more in-app purchases until the developer confirms the issue is resolved. I contacted Steinberg USA who suggested posting on this Forum. I was able to cancel the transaction through Apple in the meantime. I’m not sure if there have been issues or if I should make another attempt at the purchase, please advise. Thanks!

Hi Marcello,

Please have a look if these tipps help to solve the issue:


Thanks Lars. I followed the instructions and also deleted and re-downloaded Cubasis LE. I don’t see the in-app purchase to upgrade to the full-featured Cubasis though. To be clear, I bought a UR22 which includes a free upgrade from Cubasis LE demo mode to Cubasis LE which I’ve done. I now want to take advantage of my discounted upgrade to full-featured Cubasis as per the instructions with the UR22 but can’t.
(The previous transaction at the Apple store has been cancelled).


Hi Marcello,

Will get back to you via private message to further discuss the topic/troubleshooting.