Cubasis 2.7 Audio via MIDI not recognized

I’m very new to Cubasis so apologies if this is a stupid question: I want to record a track using the onboard piano of my Yamaha MX88. I add a track and select “audio” but Cubasis isn’t getting any signal from keyboard. I am able to play the internal Cubasis instruments so I know the MIDI connection is working, What setting am I missing that needs to be enabled so that I can use my keyboard’s onboard instruments?


Hi Towjam,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis family!

Below please find two tutorial links, where our friend Dom Sigalas explains the MIDI and audio setups using Yamaha’s MODX alongside Cubasis:

Easy-peasy MIDI recording -MODX/MONTAGE with CUBASIS

How I SEQUENCE and RECORD my MODX as AUDIO- Yamaha MODX/MONTAGE with Cubasis

Please let me know if these tutorials are helpful for you, to setup the Yamaha MX88 accordingly.


Thank you Lars! This is very helpful!

You’re welcome…