Cubasis 2.7 |iOS 12

Hello land of almighty Steinberg users.

I have a question about Cubasis 2.7 not allowing projects to be in 96k any attempt returns an error ‘that it is being blocked or hardware doesn’t support’… however I was starting 96k projects fine on this iPad Pro in the last version of Cubasis iOS I was using, prior.

This iPad Pro Gen 1 / 256 | iOS 12.1.1

Can anyone assist here please? Thanks!!
Love ya all.

And another thing.
Sample / drum loops import.
This used to work, but now the samples saved at 24/48 from source at 123bpm when imported into cubasis… are another tempo in a project with the same settings. I cant get stretch to work. (In PRO Mode).

Can anyone assist with these two

By the way Cubasis is the only thing running on a fresh reboot of the iPAd Pro Gen 1.

Hi DX-Base,

Please have a look at the following forum article, that explains the revised sample rate handling introduced in Cubasis 2.7:



I have some …CUBASIS FIXES
And suggestions

Audio stops when moving tracks position, up or down in the inspector view

Needs qwerty keyboard support, a Bluetooth numerical keypad or (and) custom Steinberg Bluetooth controller with location keys, full transport and other one button press ‘away from screen’ input [this makes the software a better solution for recording.]

• Same is true for a ‘midi/usb’ controller, one with advanced Cubasis hotkeys and one button functions.

In audio editor window (holding a audio wave clip opens this editor)
In looped play mode there needs a mode to start the loop play from the trim marker location as it is now no matter where that marker is, the recorded wave/sample starts from its beginning until it plays to the end loop point then it will start from the left marker location point.

The goal is to audition the looped selection to find the exact loop point for better timing or desired effect.

Needs a custom scale, arp and chord built in with plenty of USER slots for saving and IMPORTING custom scales and arps
Most 3rd party plugins are so basic they are lame. Thin selection of scales and no ability to create ones own.

Advancements: (for the internal software) keyboard ( by clicking the ‘keys’ icon.) and pad section with presets and users slots to save custom chords and such.

A great solution would be to have presets with (example) [root key] Mode I, Mode II, Mode III… and same with Inversions, per say.

I have more.

Thank you

By the way… please lobby that all fixes and new additions are complete prior to a paid upgrade. Ive been a reg’ed cubase user since the 90s and as a reseller of your software have sold hundreds of copies and am in contact with hundreds of users here in Los Angeles and beyond, we all agree.