Cubasis 2.8.3 Hotfix available

Hi all,

After having released Cubasis 2.8.2, we’ve received complaints about the in-app shop window, which immediately opens with every app launch. The issue has been resolved in the Cubasis 2.8.3 hotfix update, which is now available for download on the App Store…

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Cubasis 2.8.3

CB-4691: In-App Shop no longer opens with every app launch.
CB-4690: Solves a cosmetically problem where the in-app shop product title reads “Cubasis LE 3” instead of “Cubasis 3”.

Thanks for this fix, Lars and team.

Thanks guys

Update 2.8.3,
Higher cpu than before

FM Player2 crash more often
T C electronics voice rack fx less stable crashes
JAX effects, high cpu crackles.

iOS 12.4.1
iPad Pro 10.5

None of the above before the 2.8.2update
So can’t blame anything, must be the update…

Thanks Steinberg great job,!!

Hi Yamaha85,

Thank you for your feedback.

So far, we are unable to reproduce your problems, and it seems unlikely that the 2.8.2/2.8.3 updates have introduced CPU issues.
Are you able to check the update on an iPad which has iOS 13.3 installed?

Best wishes,

I have tested Cubasis 2.8.3 on iPad 5th gen ios13,
T C Electronic “Voice rack FX” still crashes
I have been in touch with the dev and they have said it is not the iOS
But the update in Cubasis that has caused the issue,
As it was working fine on Cubasis before the 2.8 update with the same iOS version as mentioned (12.3, iPad Pro)

Maybe this is something you can look into

Hi Yamahasy85,

Thank you for your message.

Please ask the TC devs, if it is fine to share their contacts with me.
Might be helpful, to let them exchange with our developers to further discuss the topic.

If they agree, please share the contact(s) via private message with me.


Dropbox link,
Cubasis cpu high, cuts out Audio, when selecting certain projects, same issue, beginning audio cuts out,
Cpu full for few seconds???
2.8.3 update
iOS 12.3
iPad Pro 10.5 2017

Hi Yamahasy85,

Thank you for your message.

So far, we did not experience any CPU related issues with Cubasis 2.8.3, but we’re running the app mostly on iOS 13.3.
Please give your iPad a restart, and let me know if this helps to resolve the problem.


I have restarted the iPad several times, with no affect…
It is still peaking cpu on random projects when selected and press play.
It is beginning to get to the point where I no longer have faith in
I am yet to write a review and have to be honest, since I updated to 2.8.2,
These issues have started.

It is not the iOS, as Cubasis was running without these issues before I updated.

Hi Yamahasy85,

As mentioned before, we are unable to see the CPU peaks you’ve encountered so far.
Shared your dropbox clip and feedback with the team.

Will get back to you if we have news about the topic.


Hi Yamahasy85,

As mentioned above, I‘ve exchanged with our engineers, who analyzed your video example with the following outcome:

From your video we can deduct that certain AU plugins in your projects get stuck upon (or after) loading.

This is why they produce no sound and why the CPU indicator goes to 100%, which means that something (an AU plugin) holds up the Cubasis audio rendering.

Could it be that one or more of the AU plugins that you are using received an update around the time Cubasis 2.8.2 was released, and that the plugin’s update somehow causes the Cubasis rendering thread holdup?

In order to find the cause, we’ll have to narrow it down to just one AU plugin.

(1) Can you reproduce the issue with 2 projects that only use one AU plugin?

(2) Or can you send us 2 projects where the issue often occurs (when switching between them)?

Best wishes,

I am using Cubasis 2.8.3 With iPad 7th gen software version 14.2.
I am facing 2 problems.

  1. The projects in the list are not correctly listed either alphabetically or date wise.
  2. The app shuts down on its own many times. This happens when I press play soft button. Really frustrated by this.

Request help.