Cubasis 2 addad features

Enjoying using Cubasis 2. Great update.

I would like to see the following, if possible, in any updates.

Track lock (not freeze). Have i missed something or is there no way to lock a tracks position in time? When shortening an audio track to top/tail the unwanted audio it is too easy to accidentally move it’s position. A lock function seems to be a much needed feature.

Wave editor. Any chance of adding features to this tool. Again I can find no option for cleaning up a take by silencing, or volume adjusting highlighted areas. Possibly add an option to normalize to say by how much (normalize to -12db etc). Kind of related to the above but by another route. I know there is volume automation included but it would be nice to have the facility to clean up the take beforehand.

Compressor. Love the new channel strip but feel the compressor could be improved. Not as capable as the Auria version. Soft knee. RMS. etc. Doesn’t feel as musical to me.

iPhone version. Would be very nice to be able to work on projects across iPad & iPhone. Currently i think only MTD and Garageband have this ability. Dead easy to do this in MTD. I know there has been mutings of an iPhone version for a while and I get that it’s not ideal. But it would be worth it IMO.

thanks for all the work on this app. I’m actually using it in earnest now.