Cubasis 2 and Korg nanokontrol studio

If I get the korg will I be able to control cubasis transport functions ?

Will I be able to assign the faders to channels?

There doesn’t seem to be a midi learn function in the application.

Hi Steve,

Controller support for external devices is on our list for future updates but not available as of yet.


Okay that’s cool


Has been almost a year now.

Is there any news about using the Korg Nanokontrol Studio?


Hi ddpmusic,

On the list, but no news for now!


What about now?

I’ve wanted to buy one for a couple years now and haven’t due to the same question. Transport and mixer control from external devices in Cubasis would be a HUGE thing! Cubasis 2.6?? :nerd_face:

i Bought one and use it for a couple of other things but i would love to use it in Cubasis 2 on the IPAD. Now that the Blocks devices are usable it feels like the NanoControl studio is close.


Would also love to be able to use nanokontrol studio with cubasis, any updates on this?

Just bought Cubasis 2. For my iPad 2018.
I’ll receive a Nektar 25+ keyboard next week, and I wonder if there is a transport remote on Cubasis.
Basic stuff like Play, Stop, rewind etc …
Cos if not, that’s very annoying :confused:

Hi Rdewael,

While controller support remains on our list, it is not yet available.


Controller support is “on the List” since 2014!!!
We don´t belive that it´s ever comming and stopped asking for it.
For us, we would love to use Cubasis on stage, but without Controller support, Cubasis will stay as a standalone toy.
Same thing with Audiobus sync, for ever “on the List”…