Cubasis 2 Bluetooth AirPlay doesn’t work

I am running Cubasis 2 on iPad Air 3. When enabling Bluetooth AirPlay under settings/audio , it sees and is “connected” to my Bluetooth speakers but when playing Cubasis no sound is coming from the speakers.
I tried Cubasis 3 lite and the function works fine there.

Any solution to this ?


Hi @tomasb , Welcome to the Cubasis Forum!

Here’s a few things to check.

  1. Open the Control Center on your iPad Air 3 and see what speaker output is checked. This is the most likely culprit.
  2. While you’re in the Control Center with the correct speaker output checked, I’d turn the Speaker volume all the way up to listen for any sound or any crackle or any hint of sound signal.
  3. If AirPlay is showing connected to your Bluetooth speakers, next I’d check the track Routing Output in your Cubasis tracks and then open the Mixer and verify the track and Master Volume settings.

Any one of those things set wrong could prevent your sound.

Hope that helps.

Hi @tomasb,

Please give the following steps a try:


  • Make sure Bluetooth is activated in the Apple iPad settings, and that the Bluetooth device is connected to the iPad
  • In Cubasis: Enable “Bluetooth/AirPlay Output” in “Setup/Audio”

Please let me know if this helps to solve the problem.


Thanks for your reply and suggestions. When I go to control centre I don’t see any speaker settings. I also can’t change routing of the master channel in Cubasis. What am I missing here ?

Thanks. Yes both are enabled but no sound . Again this works perfectly fine with the same settings in Cubasis 3 lite

Hi @tomasb

Thanks for your message.

As a first step, you will have to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your iOS device, as described in the following Apple support article:

Once done, please proceed with the additional steps in Cubasis as described in my previous message.

Hope that helps!