Cubasis 2 deactivation

I have two active accounts at Steinberg:

  • one for desktop products (Cubase, Halion Orchestral, etc.)
  • another for iOS products (Cubasis2 etc)
    Recently I had to factory reset my iPad and reinstall Cubasis 2. Accidentally, at the time of installation, I registered it with the email address of the account dedicated only to desktop products, and I found no way to change this registration to my Apple ID that has several in-app purchases that no longer appear.
    What is the solution to delete Cubasis 2 from this account and register it again with my Apple ID email, since I don’t find any way to deactivate the product here?

Hi @Newton_Cardoso,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Cubasis for iOS is distributed through Apple’s App Store.
Your Cubasis app purchase is registered to your Apple ID used for that purchase.

In case you want to change this, please get in touch with Apple.
I’m not sure if there are options to do this though.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Lars.
This is the problem. When I’ve finished the reinstallation procedure and ran Cubasis 2 for the first time a window appeared and asked to register the app by directing me to Steinberg login. So I logged with my other email ( and all my in-app purchase plugins were gone. You can confirm as Cubasis 2 appears in my product list in this forum account ( I don’t have any Apple ID whit this email. I just want it to be removed from my product list, so I can proceed independently with my Apple account. If Cubasis is only registered to my Apple ID, why it appears here as a registered product?
This is very frustrating and I’ll appreciate any help.
Thank you.

Wasnt the registering thing for the free instruments? Its been so long i cant hardly remember registering.

Hi @Newton_Cardoso

Please specify which in-app purchases are no longer available.

  • All “free” IAPs can be unlocked via registration
  • All “real” In-app purchases are “stored” to your “App Store” account*

*Instructions “Restore purchases”

  • Make sure you are logged onto the same App Store account used for your purchasing the IAPs
  • Launch Cubasis and tap the “SHOP” button
  • In the “SHOP” tap on “Restore purchases”


Hi Lars.
All of them: Classic machines, Waves Plugin bundle, FX Pack (1 and 2)…
I have a problem that appears to be serious. My old Apple ID was changed due to the closure of the account. This was the same email I used at Steinberg when purchasing Cubasis 2 and the in-app plugins. With the termination of the provider, I changed my Apple ID and adopted the email as the official one. I just noticed that my IK Sampletank in-app purchases that appear to be installed no longer work as a purchased product. I will try to resolve it with Apple.
Thank you very much.

Dear Lars:

Hi @Newton_Cardoso

Thanks for the clarification.

All these in-app purchases are stored to the Apple account used for these purchases. The issue is fully unrelated to your Steinberg product registrations.

Please get in touch with Apple to find out if your purchases can be transferred to your new App Store account.

Please keep me updated about the issue (did send you my email address via PM).