Cubasis 2 Feature Request - Aux Tracks/Reorder Insert FX

In my opinion, the ability to reroute tracks from the Master track to an Auxiliary track is one of the most important features missing from Cubasis 2. I’d like the ability to be able to compress a group of tracks (Drum Buss for instance) or to apply a bell curve dip at 3.5kHz on a group of tracks (instruments and such) to fit the vocals in a mix (which not only streamlines the mixing process but also uses less resources if all tracks are routed to one EQ on an Instrument Buss). Could this please be added in the next update as an essential feature?

Another thing. Could we please have the ability to reorder effects much like we can reorder the Channel Strip vs Studio EQ? This too would make life easier. Thanks again.

Hi jwmmakerofmusic,

Thanks for your message.
Both topics are on our list for future updates.


It would be nice to get some timeframe on the busses. This has been ongoing for over a year. It seems like a natural obvious thing to make a priority in Cubasis. The new effect is good, along with synth sounds…but I’d much rather have an effective workflow than these.
A future update is quite broad. It could be 2 more years right?
I’d prefer a simple…it will be in the next update…it will not be in the next update, but a later one…one of the 2.
Cubasis is a good program and it’s solid…few crashes, etc. and I appreciate the time developers spend, but the vague leading about future updates helps nobody. I understand that you cants specify a time, but whether or not busses will be in the next update…isn’t much to ask for information.

Hi Kynan1,

Thanks for your message.

New features will be announced once new updates become available.
I’m sorry not being able to give you a timeframe for the busses feature request.