Cubasis 2 Help before Purchasing ! :)

I am planning on purchasing Cubasis 2 for the Ipad.
I need to know the following before purchasing the product.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have purchased the Traktor Audio 2 sound card.
This product has two seperate stereo outs.(Main & Headphone)->both stereo.

I can see in the demo version of Cubasis Le2 that in a given audio track, you can assign a different stereo out (ie 1-2, 3-4 and so forth). By default the main out is assigned to outputs 1-2.

Will Cubasis2 for Ipad recognize the second stereo out(headphones) in the Traktor Audio 2 soundcard as outputs “3-4”?

This is very crucial for me because I want to send two audio tracks to two different outputs.
In the demo version it looks as if it is posisble but I simply can’t click on outputs 3-4 to test it because it’s a demo version.

Can anyone please let me know if this is achievable so I can go ahead and purchase the product.

Thank you in advance

Hi Panagio,

Thanks for your message.
We’re glad to hear about your plans to join the Cubasis community!

Cubasis LE - which is the smaller version of Cubasis - is limited to stereo input/output compared to unlimited input/output capacities of the big Cubasis version (limited by the audio hardware in use).

While we’re not equipped with the Traktor Audio 2 device it should be possible to assign inputs/outputs to discrete channels in Cubasis using Cubasis’ routing options (if required please find a basic explanation how to do this in our Cubasis LE tutorial video: How to Record a Song with Cubasis LE | Getting Started with Cubasis LE - YouTube).

I’d suggest to get in touch with NI to check, if the Traktor Audio 2 device has been tested with Cubasis.
If required we’re able to support them with a promo code to do so.

Hope that helps & we see you again soon … :slight_smile:



Thanks for your quick reply and I apologize for my late response.
NI finally got back to me and said they would be happy to test the product with a promo code.
How can we proceed to make this happen?

Best regards,

Hi Panagio,

Please provide the NI name and eMail contact via private message and I’ll take care of it.