CUBASIS 2 & itrack dock - Panning / Headphones


as i am a new user with cubasis 2 ive got two maybe stupid questions. i am working with an ipad air and an focusrite itrack dock.

  1. if i am recording or play and changing to “Mixer” i would like to set my stereo panning left/right in the upper area of the channel strip. but this doesent work. setting it to left it turns down the volume - setting it to the right nothing changes nothing. my bus routing is mono input and stereo out 1/2 - What am i doing wrong ?

  2. By first setting my hard and software up, everything worked perfectly. After some days of use, my headphone volume on my itrack dock doesent work anymore :frowning: any suggestions ?

Thanks a lot for your help


In terms of your panning issue; it sounds like you are recording to a stereo track. In the case of a single input, add an audio track and select the mono input your instrument is plugged into. In the routing tab you’ll see the mono input (1 or 2) and stereo output. The pan control in the mixer will now work.

In terms of the volume control - no idea but I’d suggest rebooting the iPad and power cycling the itrack