Cubasis 2 LE Full Featured Set -> In App Purchase Error


today I upgraded my Cubasis LE to Full featured Set. That was fine.
Then I wanted to buy the FX and Classic machines as they are reduced Price now.

But it does not work, I get allways a In App purchase error. Is this related to the full featured set ? Should I have bought a “new” full Version instead ?

it is a bit frustrating, as I do not understand why it is not possible.

thank you

Hi SigiZ58,

Thank you for your message.

Normally, there should be no problem to purchase the Classic Machines and FX Packs in-app purchases from within Cubasis LE.

Please try this:

  • Shut down Cubasis
  • Log-off from iTunes/App Store
  • Shut off the iPad followed by a restart
  • Log-in to iTunes/App Store and try again

If the problem persists, please note that there are many websites available that come up with useful tips if the App Store and/or in-app purchases fail.

Please keep me updated, if this helps to solve the issue.


Hello Lars,

this did not help, but maybe what I should mention is this:

At first I bought Cubasis Full for 25,-. This was registered to my account (still is). Then I realized a few hours later I could have saved 10,- and canceled the buy. I deleted Cubasis from my ipad and reinstalled LE. But the full version is still registered to my account. Yesterday I bought the Full featured Set instead. What in my Steinberg account is viewable is the Cubasis LE & the registration from my first buy. Could there be the problem ?

I bought something else yesterday and that was no problem, so obvious there is something wrong with the in-application-purchase function here.
Maybe the full version must be deleted so tthat i can re-register LE with full featured set ?

Very expensive “saved” 10,- I guess…

Thank you

Hi SigiZ58,

I’d suggest to check back with Apple here, who handle the App Store purchases.


I guess I will forget it and not invest more time & effort in cubasis.

Hi SigiZ58,

To me, it sounds like cancelling the Apple order seems to lead to the purchase error.
Since iOS purchases are fully handled by Apple, the only solution seems to be to get in touch with Apple.


Thank you, I will use it as it is.
Do not need really expansions, it is a bit a toy for me. I am happy this happened now. business between a company and a different seller often leads to such situations. never really liked the apple shop principle. for real work i have cubase. will try to make a record and import this to cubase. if this will work, nice. if not , i only lost 15,- :slight_smile:

I still think, the problem is the remaining of the activation in my steinberg account. i wondered, when i was refunded that the activation was still remaining in my steinberg account. when i bought the full featured set, no new activatiobn was necessary. but maybe i am wrong. I tried to ask apple, but their pages in this are not intuitive for me. I did try, but was finally on the starting page again. no page were you simply can enter your problem. instead one dependecy after the other that finally leads you to the beginning. no fun, i am too stupid for this i guess. Sorry, this business model is much too complicated for an old guy like me.

Hi SigiZ58,

Cubasis’ In-App Shop communicates with Apple to enable in-app purchases, which has no relations to the MySteinberg application registration process. Normally, buying in-app purchases within Cubasis and/or Cubasis LE should be a quick and easy process. As mentioned before, I’d think the cancellation of your app order seemed to have brought up the problem, and Apple should be able to tell what’s the problem here.