Cubasis 2 Refuses to open

Hi there, I have today bought Cubasis 2 for my iPad Air running on iOS 10. It worked well first time, however since i closed it down it refuses to now open again. It gets to the loading screen then vanishes but shows in the app selection screen for apps that are currently open. When i select it, it once again crashes…

Hope you can help as i would rather not uninstall it due to having a few good hours recording work on there.

Hi Velouria,

Sorry for my late reply.

First of all I’m sorry to hear you have problems to launch Cubasis 2.
In case, the problem persists I suggest the following:

Backup your files via iTunes File Sharing

  • Connect your iPad to your computer with the USB cable
  • Open iTunes and select your iPad in the DEVICES category
  • Click the Apps tab and choose Cubasis from the list of apps
  • To save a folder to your computer, select it and hit the Save to button
  • Alternatively, drag and drop the folder to your desktop or local browser

Once you’ve backed up your files please re-install the app.

Hope that helps to solve your problem.