Cubasis 3.3.1 allocating excessive data in memory and my solution

Cubasis 3.3.1 in my Settings - Storage page was showing over 13Gb of memory for data, however when I manually added up the allocated file sizes I found it was only about 2Gb of data (I had emptird the trash bin!). The problem being that ioS also believed Cubasis needed 13Gb of memory giving me 10Gb less space to work with on the iPad.

Using the ioS ‘Files’ app I made a new backup folder for ALL of the folders in the Cubasis 3 folder, made replicas and copied them to my backup folder. I then deleted Cubasis 3 which ALSO DELETES ALL OF THE DATA FILES !! (why there is no option to keep these is beyond me and can see many people have been upset to lose their songs).

I then reinstalled Cubasis 3 and copied my backup folders over and found that Cubasis was now only allocating 2Gb of data.

So Lars, it seems that Cubasis is not releasing files from memory correctly. I have wondered if this feature is something to do with version updates, but more likely poor garbage collection.

Interestingly when I copied the entire Cubasis 3 data folder over to my laptop (as an extra precaution) I found there were 2 Trash folders, additional one with a dot in front of the word Trash ( .Trash). This folder was not visible in the ioS ‘Files’ app and had over 2Gb data in it.

There are so many bugs in Cubasis 3 now too, I’ve tried to help you in the past but we just end up going around in circles. The worst problem is the number of crashes I see, just doing very simple things. It’s a pity really, as this could be the best DAW on ios if it was tested properly.

Hi @softbass,

Thanks for your message, which has been shared with our engineering.


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If only you guys understood how frustrating it is when your customers try to give helpful feedback (positive and negative) and get sent around in circles when we try to report problems. I’ve been a customer of Steinberg for over 30 years (since the Atari days!) having helped run a recording studio based on Cubase, so I feel I’m being a loyal customer by helping you guys flag up problems. So don’t be too surprised if some people take out their frustration using the app reviews when they seem to get no response using this forum.

I still maintain Cubasis could be the best DAW out there, but there does seem to be a lack of testing before each update.

Having looked at this problem further, it does look like it’s due to the delays in deleting large files. For example if you import an m4a album (45 mins long) Cubasis converts it to a large wav file. If you erase the track, it takes about 30 secs to show up in the trash bin. I suspect if you close the project or delete it before Cubasis has fully deleted the wav file it doesn’t get deleted from the file allocation. I suspect this doesn’t happen for ‘normal’ projects lasting for just a few minutes.

BTW, I’ve been using Cubasis 3 to copy my old cassette recordings, hence the large files.

I’m here to investigate the same issue. I’ve tried to be careful with my memory usage so there’s no way it contains as much data as it says. So I guess I need to back everything up then delete and reinstall the app.

I’ve been having storage issues recently and it sounds like it might be related to this thread. I’ve been working on a project that has project file sizes in excess of 2GB. I like to duplicate and keep previous versions as I’m going along so I thought I’d better check my Ipad’s storage.

I had a lot less free storage than I thought given that I have a 512GB Ipad. I emptied the trash folder, zipped a few previous project files and deleted the rest but it wasn’t releasing an equivalent amount of storage.

Had a check to see what Cubasis itself is using and Settings today shows 1.23GB for the app and 577GB for “Documents and Data”! Maybe free storage will be correctly allocated eventually but it is a concern of course, especially as I’ve had a few cases where project files have not been fully duplicated to the original file size - i.e. with missing audio. Maybe its simply a symptom of working with relatively large file sizes.

Any thoughts anybody?