Cubasis 3.3.2 for Android. Exported mixdown permissions issue

  1. I’m experiencing problem with Cubasis 3.3.2 for Android with exported mixdown permissions.

  2. First I have to mention that I made a clean installation of 3.3.2, made sure that old folder prior to 3.3.2 doesn’t exist and the new one either before proceeding with google play store. After installation - I’ve verified that Cubasis has allowed app permission “Allow management of all files” in app details.
    Now in new project I’ve imported my audio to audiobay, added it to an audio track and for the testing purposes I go directly to Project settings → Mixdown, then create mixdown.wav. Then when I go to the Internal storage/Android/data/com.steinberg.cubasis3/files/Cubasis 3/Mixdown/ and try to copy Mixdown.wav somewhere else, for example to Internal storage/Download - I can not, because generated Mixdown.wav has empty permissions —.

Here’s a file info for Mixdown.wav from manager:
Name: Mixdown.wav
Path: Internal storage/Android/data/com.steinberg.cubasis3/files/Cubasis 3/Mixdown.wav
Size: 32.75 MB
Permission: —
Modified date: 9/6/21 8:44 PM

A side note regarding audio files in Internal storage/Android/data/com.steinberg.cubasis3/files/Cubasis 3/Audio/My Audio Files/
Here I’ve got a file, which I have imported to audio bay and used for mixdown purpose. It has -RW permssion string, so I am able to copy that to Internal storage/Download if I desire to. Here’s a file info from manager for it:
Name: 210905-195411.wav
Path: Internal storage/Android/data/com.steinberg.cubasis3/files/Cubasis 3/Audio/My Audio Files/210905-195411.wav
Size: 32.56 MB
Permission: -RW
Modified date: 9/6/21 8:43 PM

  1. I’m expecting that generated mixdowns have at least read permission so I will be able to copy them to desired user directories.

  2. What I’m getting is empty permissions on exported mixdowns, not even a read permission, so I can not copy them to the other places in the system. I’m getting “permission denied” errors from file manager when attempting to copy it to Internal Storage/Download (for example).

  3. Hardware: Asus Zenfone 8, Android: 11, Version number:, Cubasis: 3.3.2

Didn’t have this problem before 3.3.2, so I would appreciate some help.


Collected some more information to hopefully solve this sooner - here’s a view of file permissions from “Device File Explorer” in Android Studio. Mixdown.wav is missing group “RW” permissions, as opposed to 210905-195411.wav. I don’t know who is the owner ( perhaps root? ), nor which groups are being used, but I believe that your developer team know this. Let me know if I may gather something else which may be necessary to solve this.


Current workaround is to “Share” mixdown to Google Drive, wait for it to upload and then download it back where I want to - incredibly slow and cumbersome.

Works only from Cubasis, it doesn’t work from Cubasis 3 file directory in file manager, because of the same lack of permissions.

Hi @ssergeev,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.
Your issue has been shared with our engineers.

Please await our feedback!


Hi @ssergeev,

Thank you for your message.

Since our engineers are unable to reproduce the problem, the issue might be related to your device in use. Neverheless, they might be able to include a fix to be included in a future update.

For now, please use “Share” to get around the issue.

Hope that helps,

Thank you Lars. Will do.


Device factory reset didn’t fix the issue.