Cubasis 3.3.3 crashes when creating New project

1. Summary/Title
After finishing a project the creation of New project crashes Cubasis

2. Description
Wenn selecting New project from Media Buttons on bottom menu, the naming dialog pops up. I confirm the default Name: New project.
At this point cubasis crashes. When relaunching, the last used/edited project comes up. The New project is created in the file area. When now double clicking it cubasis crahes again. And again when repeating the open New project after relaunch.

3. Expected results
Create empty New project

4. Actual Results

5. Environment
Galaxy Tab s7 fe smt-733
Android 11
Cubasis 3.3.3
RAM used 2,4 of 4
Memory used 24 of 64

Hi @Joerg247,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.
We are sorry to read about your issues with Cubasis for Android!

Please have a look at our dedicated Cubasis for Android Performance article, to see if it is of help to resolve your current issues:

Hope that helps!

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& best wishes,

Thank you Lars for the quick response, though it is atm only pointing me to the obvious.
Fair enough.
I did (again) what it seems you want me to do:
Checking latency: lame 32ms
Toggling Studio Quality: unfortunately no difference
Rebooting: no change
Also: clearing App chache no change

It is not an cpu/dsp overload before the Crash
The meter is at 25% online

The IOS cheats obviously do not apply to Android

Why can Cubasis not create a New project that does not keep crashing also later when launching the file.
Please help
Stay healthy
Keep Posting
Thanks Jörg

I have bought and intalled Cubasis 3.3.3 on exactly the same device as Joerg247, a Samsung Galaxy Tab7 FE, 4GB, 64GB storage, Android 11, and I am experiencing similiar/same obstacles.

The problem is in the Micrologue “plugin”.:boom:
As soon as you add it to the project, it will destroy and block the whole setup of Cubasis and make it totally unusable:
If you try to change the plugin, Cubasis will crash.
If you try to remove the track with this plugin, Cubasis will crash.
If you try to freeze the track with this plugin, Cubasis will crash.
If you try to remove a track with this plugin, Cubasis will crash.
If you try to change to another project, Cubasis will crash.
if you try to create a new project, Cubasis will crash.

The one thing you can do then, is to go to the systems’ app info for Cubasis, and delete storage data. You can also delete the project’s folder instead, if you can find it. You will lose your work and have to start from scratch, and remember not to use the Micrologue plugin in your project untill problem solved.
And how funny is that, Steinberg?

Waiting impatiently for version 6.6.6 :smiling_imp:,

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Hi @Jand63,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!

The team is aware about the Cubasis for Android crashing issue, and we hope to have an update available soon, which resolves the current problem.

Stay safe
& best wishes,

Hi @Jand63, Hi @Joerg247,

Please note that Cubasis 3.3.4 for Android has been released this morning, which intends to resolve the current crash problems:

Please install the version and let us know if it resolves your current crash problems.

Thank you in adavance
& stay safe,

Thanks Lars and Team, crashes when creating New project from templates is fixed with 3.3.4.
Also other previous projects are loaded flawless.
The only annoying Thing left- thanks to Android 11- is that a mixdown wav in Android data… folder cannot be Player even copied from another Player or file Manager until transferred with the share function to a generic folder.

Thanks guys i am productive again

Hi @Joerg247,

Thanks for your message.

We are very glad to read that your crashing problem has been addressed with the lates 3.3.4 hotfix release!

Please have a look at the “MediaBay” chapter of the Cubasis help, to learn more about the file handling of the Android version: MediaBay

Does this help to answer your topic?

Best wishes
& stay well,