Cubasis 3.3.4 for Android hotfix maintenance update available

Dear all,

We are glad to announce the immediate release of Cubasis 3.3.4 for Android.

Cubasis 3.3.4 for Android resolves a critical issue which appears on some Android devices, where deleting a Micrologue track, or unloading a Micrologue instrument instance in a project can render Cubasis unreliable in various forms.

The update is recommended for all Cubasis for Android users, who own a device affected by this issue.

Have a merry Christmas
& a happy new year 2022
& stay safe,


That’s a great improvement! Thanks!
Still, there is an issue:
It is not possible to save/manage own presets in the Micrologue modul, as was intended.:smiling_imp:

I am running Cubasis 3.3.4 in Android 11 on Samsung G. Tab S7 FE, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage.

Jan D.

Hi @Jand63,

Thanks for your message.

We are unaware about any Micrologue preset saving issues.
Please let us have more details, how to reproduce the problem (e.g. a short clip or similar).

Thanks in advance!


Here you go, Lars:

This problem occurs on my Android 11 unit.
On Android 10 it works normally.

Nvm. It had updated in the background since I checked and this version seems to be working fine. I have no problem saving Micrologue presets either. There’s no confirmation that the preset has been saved but it appears in my user presets.

Hi @Jand63,

Thanks for the additional information.
Which Android device do you have in use, which fails to save the presets?


Hi @simonjonnemeth,

Thanks for your feedback, glad to read that it works for you to save the presets!


Please, I am demonstrating an actual problem for a Steinberg representative in shortest possible time. I know what I’am doing, and have checked it out thoroughly on devices with Android10 and Android11. If it works for you, fine, but don’t bring confusion into the discussion.

As I wrote initially:
I am running Cubasis 3.3.4 in Android 11 on Samsung G. Tab S7 FE, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage.

Hi @Jand63,

The issue might be related to specific devices, since we are unable to reproduce it ourselves also. We’ve had the same issues with the crashing problems, which took us some time to get devices ourselves where the crash appeared.


Yes, I understand. Well, now you know.
Good luck and Merry Christmas.

The thing is it appeared to be the same for me as in your video, however, it actually had saved under ‘My Presets’ but you didn’t check there in your video. You need to provide more evidence of this issue. Also, have you made sure the app has the required permissions in Android? It should have permissions for ‘Files and media’ and ‘Microphone’, the former I imagine is quite important when saving anything.

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Thanks lars
No crashes loading projects so far!!
Have a creative and productive new year.

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Hi @Siquier,

Thanks for your feedback and kind wishes!
We are very glad to read, that the 3.3.4 update did resolve your crash problems.

Thanks again!

Stay safe
& have a wonderful 2022!

Hi @Jand63,

Thanks for sharing the clip with us, here are a few questions from our engineers:

  1. Do saved presets appear in the My Presets folder after you restart Cubasis?

  2. Please try to close the keyboard first (you may need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the arrow down button, depending on the device), before tapping the popup’s OK button. Is the preset saved then?

  3. Does renaming a track or project file work?

We look forward to hear from you!