Cubasis 3.4.3 Android Sample Rate 48 -> 44.1 kHz for Yamaha THR10 (X)

Dear Cubasis Fans,

I just purchased Cubasis 3 for Android and wanted to record some tracks with my YAMAHA THR 10 X amp. The recording worked fine, but I recocnized that there is a growing shift in time during the playback compared to the click. The Yamaha THR 10 X has a build in 44.1 kHz audio interface. But when I go to the project settings I am not able to select the sample frequency. It is always fix set to 48 kHz. So, I wonder, if this might cause the growing time shift problem. Additionally the Amp is only selectable as USB Headset for the Input and Output device.

I also tried to use an old Edirol/Roland UA25 Audio interface. This interface is displayed with its correct name and I don’t have this time shift problems. For the UA25 I tested 44.1KhZ and 48 kHz, as the sample rate can be selected with a build in switch.Both are working fine, but it was still not possible to change the sample frequency in Cubasis. (Always set to 48kHz)

I hope that the experts are able to help me to solve my problem.

I found the solution for my problem. During my last tests I was also connected with my phone over bluetooth to the aux in of the Yamaha amp which was also monitored to the amp speaker. After the deactivation of this path I was able to synchronize my recording to the klick. But it is still not possible to change the sampling rate. But as long as it works I am fine with this issue.

I also recognized, that directly after the recording I can see a visual increasing shift in time between the recording and the klick/beat. But when I zoom in, the shift in time disappears. When I zoom out again, the shift in time is also gone. Perhaps cubasis does a resampling of the recordings, if coming from a 44.1kHz device and the waveforms are only updated after zooming in?

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