Cubasis 3.4.3 Output Device cannot be selected - Android

i am trying to connect my new Steinberg UR44C interface to my Samsung Tab S7-FE (Android 12).
I am using Cubasis 3.4.3. The USB connection is displayed and Steinberg USB is recognized as both an input device and an output device.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to select the Steinberg USB for Output Device.
The field doesn’t work.
It cannot be selected and Cubasis hangs as soon as you open the Device field.
So I don’t hear anything and Cubasis has no output source.
See photos!
I assume that this is a bug.
Will this be fixed?

Hi @vicinity,

Thank you for your message, which has been shared and will be discussed within the team.
Will get back to you soon.


Hi @vicinity again,

A similar combo (UR44C + Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Android 12) works fine in the quick check from our engineering.

The popup topic is a known issue, which however should not create a problem, since the external audio device gets automatically chosen when being connected.

Please note that the next Cubasis update will be released very soon.
It would be great if you could give the issue a check again with the new version.

We look forward to hear about your results with the new update.


Were you able to make any headway?

It currently looks like this:
I updated my Tab S7 FE to Android 13 and used the latest Cubasis version.
Contrary to what Steinberg says, the audio output is not chosen by itself. Here I have to select the UR44C manually. This can now also be selected, but I get no signal via the UR44. All sounds come from Samsung’s internal speakers.
I have now ordered an expensive USB 3 C/A ca ble and another OTG adapter and will report about it. If it doesn’t work then I’m at a loss

I have a similar problem. I use yamaha AG06 audio interface+galaxy Tap S7 plus(android 13).When yamaha AG06 is connected to usb, Cubasis automatically recognizes input and output. And i choose AG06, input output both. But there is no signal on mixer (of course activated recording) and theres no sound out.
So i tried add another audio track, and imported audio file(mp3) and payed it. Then, only samsung internal speaker on the tablet makes a sound. I think it recognizes the audio interface, but it doesn’t actually work.
I bought Cubasis today.:triumph:

Sounds like the same issue we are all dealing with. When I attempt to record with my Behringer UMC404HD it acts like it does but then just leave a beat note sized blank audio file on the track. Have been using the setup a while now. Samsung s7Plus and Android 13 here. Recent upgrade of Android.

Getting by doing click track recordings with a Digitech RP360 (usb guitar flloor pedal) that works fine with the setup.

Happy hunting.

Hi all,

Please read here:


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