Cubasis 3.5.2. Unable to record. I hit the record button, get a glitchy sound, and then nothing

I can record one, maybe two tracks, but after that, I’m unable to record or play anything. Mixdowns take 30+minutes and sound different each time even though no changes have been made: pitch shifts, eq’s changing, popping sounds at random, etc, The app worked good at first, but a few songs in and its become entirely useless. Is there any kind of fix for this?

This is the main Cubase forum, It seems you are referring to Cubasis? Edit your post so that it’s in the Cubasis category and you’ll get more people seeing it then:

Also list whether you’re using Android or iOS, and any audio interface used may help get answers.

Erm……. I think you will find THIS is the Cubasis forum :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you, i was trying to figure out the forum, since all I did was click in the cubasis 3 hub and make a post.


Hi @ricord1,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Please give it a try to close all running apps (including Cubasis) and fully shut down the device afterwards. Does the problem persists, when you relaunch the device and Cubasis?

If so, please let us have more details about your device in use (iOS or Android, OS version, Cubasis version etc.).


Yep, done that. Reinstalled the program too. Once it gets past 2 or 3 tracks, playback halts, even the metronome won’t play, and all the tracks just sound like a lagging glitch. Chrome OS 3.5.2

Hi @ricord1,

The performance of Cubasis for Android is strongly related to the Android/Chromebook device in use.

Please have a look if our Cubasis for Android Performance Issues article is of help to resolve the problem:

In addition, please take a look at the private message I’ve sent you.

Hope that helps!


what if the red circle record while playing button don’t show?

Blacki on da track

Hi @loose.foot475,

Thanks for your message.

Please take a look at our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial to learn more about how to use Cubasis, to create a full track. This tutorial also includes dedicated sections about recording audio and MIDI tracks.

Does this help to resolve your problem?