Cubasis 3.5 and Holiday Season Sale available (ending Jan 9, 2023)

Dear all,

First of all I hope you and yours are well!

We are very glad to announce Cubasis’ 10th birthday alongside the immediate release of Cubasis 3.5 which adds several new features and improvements.

Cubasis also joins Steinberg’s Holiday Season Sale, which lets you grab the app at 40% off and all in-app purchases at 50% off from today until Jan 9, 2023.

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Please find out more details about the new features and the improvements added in this update below.

We hope you like Cubasis 3.5.
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Enjoy being creative
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Cubasis 3.5 - Version History.pdf (390.5 KB)


  • Cubasis Hub: Load new or recent projects, or for browsing through templates, projects tutorials and more.
  • iOS Quick Actions: Make a long tap on the Cubasis app icon to immediately launch a new or the most recent project.
  • Drag & Drop Support: Drag & drop files from other iOS apps into Cubasis.
  • Metronome Sound Sets: Choose between 10 different metronome sound sets.
  • Bluetooth/AirPlay Revisited: Connect your external Bluetooth devices with ease.
  • Full iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 Support.
  • Mouse wheel and trackpad scrolling support on iOS.
  • New Mixdown option added to disable effects when creating stems and more.
  • New Setup option added to include the Undo history when sharing projects.
  • New Setup option to enable Metronome only while recording.
  • New setup option added which allows setting the MIDI Output Latency in positive and negative direction.
  • New setup option to show the grid on top of the events in the track list.
  • New setup option added which allows disabling long-tap to set locators to event.
  • New Setup option added to show or hide the iPadOS status bar.


  • CBT-3392 Resolves a serious problem where recording an audio track could lead to rendering Cubasis unreliable.
  • CBT-3367 Resolves a problem where loading a project containing a side-chaining Audio Unit effect could render Cubasis unreliable.
  • CBT-3421 Fixes an issue where editing audio files with 2 GB or more in size could lead to an unjustified “Not enough free disk space” error.
  • CBT-3436 Fixes a rare crash that occurred when launching Cubasis.
  • CBT-2990 Using copy and paste between Cubasis projects no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.


  • CBT-3144 Fixes a serious issue, where imported projects opened with empty audio events in some cases.
  • CBT-3333 Fixes an issue where pitch-shifted events played back at wrong pitch in some cases.
  • CBT-3328 Time-stretched or pitch-shifted audio events randomly failed to play or played the wrong audio content.
  • CBT-3136 Solves an issue where double tapping an audio event while recording lead to empty audio event waveforms.
  • CBT-2329 Fixes a problem where tapping events in the Arrange Window opens the editors instead of selecting the events.
  • CBT-2561 Recording in cycle mode with auto quantize enabled no longer ignores the first note recorded.
  • CBT-3429 Muting a MIDI track during recording no longer results in an endless spinning wheel.
  • CBT-3008 Resolves a problem where tapping on an empty area in the notepad did not open the iOS keyboard allowing to enter text.
  • CBT-2835 Mute automation will no longer be processed during track freeze.
  • CBT-3043 Mute and solo states are now applied correctly when freezing tracks or creating separate files for tracks.
  • CBT-2241 Tapping on an empty area in select mode now properly deselects previously selected events.
  • CBT-1540 Global mute now works as expected when soloing individual tracks.
  • CBT-2044 Soloing and muting tracks inside of a group track now works as expected.
  • CBT-3407 Soloing of muted tracks that are located inside a group track now works as expected.
  • CBT-2242 The performance when selecting tracks has been improved.
  • CBT-3443 Fixes a graphical issue where the text of a closed instrument browser is visible in the Multi-out Audio Unit instances folder.


  • CBT-3415 Editing large audio files in the audio editor now works as expected.
  • CBT-3416 Fixes an issue where the audio editor was corrupted after reopening a project and reopening the same audio event as before.
  • CBT-1182 Drawing automation values now correctly overwrites existing values in grid off mode.
  • CBT-1208 Drawing parameter values in the MIDI editor now correctly overwrites existing values.
  • CBT-3147 Corrects a problem where deleting a send effect did not delete its send level automations.
  • CBT-1109 Overwriting filter automation now works as expected.
  • CBT-3002 MIDI editor tools have been extended for improved usability.
  • CBT-3111 The “Clear undo history” setup option now also deletes the audio editor’s undo files.
  • CBT-3142 Opening an empty MIDI event now results in showing a sensible key range in the MIDI editor on a smartphone.
  • CBT-332 Solves an issue where the real-time time-stretch popup did not close when another view was being opened.
  • CBT-3230 Resolves a problem where doing edits in the audio editor could lead to flickering user interface issues.


  • CBT-2346 iOS: Resolves a problem where connecting a Bluetooth device changed the sample rate to 16 kHz.
  • CBT-2650 When disconnecting a Bluetooth device, starting the playback now works as expected.
  • CBT-1361 Resolves a rare issue, where using Bluetooth audio devices could lead to audio quality issues.
  • CBT-2338 iOS: Recording and monitoring now works as expected when a Bluetooth device is connected.


  • CBT-3146 Resolves a problem where MIDI track routing to insert effects was ignored during track freeze.
  • CBT-3373 Resolves a problem where Undo or Redo was triggered accidentally when playing a three note chord on iPadOS.
  • CBT-2910 Fixes the issue of flickering meters in the mixer at high audio latency values.
  • CBT-3318 The graphical layout of the keyboard shortcut list has been improved.
  • CBT-3408 Fixes a graphical issue in the MiniSampler where the Redo button was cut-off on smartphones.
  • CBT-2414 Fixes a cosmetic issue on iPhone where the Cubasis launch screen was displayed incorrectly.
  • CBT-3339 Resolves a cosmetic issue where the user interface of RoomWorks SE appeared corrupted in Phablet UI mode.
  • CBT-3271 Resolves a rare problem where connecting a multi-channel audio device resulted in silence.
  • CBT-3400 Cubasis LE: Audio routing is now properly stored and reloaded when relaunching the app.
  • CBT-3321 Fixes a naming glitch in the MIDI and drum loops folders in Cubasis LE for Android.
  • CBT-1967 Resolves a serious problem on Android where Cubasis did not remember that RoomWorks SE has already been registered.

Clearly an IOS centered update.
How about giving Android some focussed attention,? its not like we didnt pay for Cubasis.

Quick actions excist on Android too.
Android also has bluetooth keyboards n mouses.
Drag n drop audio files to the media bay would be nice

A material design icon for Android 13 OneUI 5 would be great.

And these are mild requests and not even speaking of audio functional features that IOS have n Android doesnt.

Besides that… 10 year anniversary and no new instruments or effects [across OS’s]?

A bit dissapointing as we have been waiting for an update for so long. :pensive:


A closer integration with Cubase please - all instruments and effects should ha e corresponding and equally sounding parallels in Cubase.

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Hi @Edgeconnector,

Due to many features which are only available on iOS and/or the desktop world, this won’t be possible unfortunately.


Well then at least the instruments should be available both placed - and as much of the rest - or there could be a compability mode excluding options in Cubasis that are not transferable to Cubase.

Hi @Edgeconnector,

Cubasis is designed for mobile devices, and comes with many features unavailable in our desktop version and vice versa.

Where possible, tracks and settings are transferred. In other cases, you have the option to freeze tracks, before exporting projects to be imported with Cubasis.

Hope that helps.


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Is it now possible to route the cubase click sound to a different output than main output as in Cubasis 2?

Maybe there are users that finish their composition/song in Cubasis - but I am guessing that a lot of users use Cubasis when it is more practical to use Cubasis for putting down some new ideas - e.g. on the train or airplane. For that usage it would be nice if Cubasis had a compatibility mode - I had not imagined that Cubasis should do everything that Cubase can do - but it would be nice if the imported Cubasis project was just as it was in Cubasis - when you imported it in Cubase. Freezing removes the MIDI information - so though the sound is then the same as it was in Cubasis - I would like to be able to start where I left off - and have the possibility of using the MIDI for other instruments etc. in Cubase. It should at least be possible to have the instruments present in Cubasis present in Cubase as well.
Kind Regards Rasmus

Hi @Edgeconnector,

You should be able to do this already, if you limit yourself to using audio tracks with the regular Cubasis stock effects, and instruments such as MicroSonic etc.


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Hi @Sakey69,

Is it now possible to route the cubase click sound to a different output than main output as in Cubasis 2?

Actually, this is already possible since the initial Cubasis 3 release via the dedicated metronome buttons located on the output channel strips in the mixer. The number of visible master output channel strips depends on your HW in use.

Hope that helps!


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-well that is what I do - but the sounds in Cubase are sometimes not the same - but yes - I can memorize a list of transferable sounds -and only use those - until the Cubase team decide to replicate Cubasis sounds in Cubase.
Merry Christmas - Rasmus

I am looking to start using Cubase as I have recently purchased Maschgina MK3 and I have started using a lot of IOS on iPad I have used GarageBand but really like the feature in Cubase It says if u download Cubase LE u can upgrade for 14.99 yto full Cubase 3 but when I push the button to purchase it transfers me to a 29.99 purchase price am I missing something?

Hi @Matthew_Gonzales,

Cubasis is currently 40% OFF, but you have to be super quick since the sale already ended (just a few hours left)…

Please note that the Cubasis LE offer mentioned is only available for customers of an audio device, which unlocks Cubasis LE from demo (see the list of supported devices here).