Cubasis 3.6.5 is available and on sale (sale ended)

Dear all,

Hopefully you are all well.

Today we are very glad to announce the immediate release of Cubasis 3.6.5 for iOS, Android and Chrome OS…

And while the version number implies the update to be limited to improvements and fixes, we’ve decided to add more than a handful of great new features which have been requested by many users for quite some time, which allow creating great music faster and more intuitively.

Cubasis is also for sale for a limited time, letting you save 40% off on Cubasis 3, 25% off on the new instruments IAPs (HALion Sonic Selection, FM Classics, Neo FM) and 50% on the remaining in-app purchases.

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New Features

• Audio Glue
Select several events and combine them in a single audio track, via a simple tap.

• Convert files to mono
Quickly convert stereo tracks to mono in the audio editor and mixdown popup.

• Copy and paste revisited
Easily create event copies by a simple tap, hold and move your finger to the right.

• Search your instruments, effects, and presets
Simply type to search across all your plug-ins and presets, incl. Audio Unit support.

• Smoother level metering with peak hold support
Enjoy smoother level meters, which make mixing more pleasing and accurate.

• Mixdown to MP3 and AIFF
Easily create and share MP3 and AIFF versions of your tracks.

• Improvements
Capture your ideas with ease, using one of the most stable mobile DAWs.

New in Cubasis 3.6.5 2.pdf (1.3 MB)

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Additional Features, Improvements and Fixes

Arrange Window

CBT-3750 Resolves a rare issue where dragging audio files into the Arrange Window resulted in the wrong track order.
CBT-3760 Moving an audio event’s handle fully to the right no longer breaks the event.
CBT-3746 Fixes an issue, where the MIDI event length increased too fast when increasing multiple events lengths.
CBT-1183 Fixes a problem where selecting another MIDI track could result in hanging notes.
CBT-3223 MIDI events can now be glued when the automation editor is open.
CBT-1355 Ruler now shows the same grid as the selected snap grid in the arranger and all editors.
CBT-3717 Resolves a problem where the metronome does not play in the Gravity demo project.

Instruments & Effects

CBT-3751 Fixes a rare crash related to certain instruments and effects.
CBT-3716 Fixes a rare crash related to MiniSampler and undo.
CBT-3684 Creating a new MiniSampler instrument now works as expected.
CBT-3708 It is now easier to grab the MiniSampler’s keyboard range handles.
CBT-3693 Resolves a rare issue where the Rotary Speaker plug-in output no audio.
CBT-3763 Switching an AU instrument to full-screen when the keyboard is open no longer closes the instrument.
CBT-276 Loading a project with FugueMachine AU now correctly restores its play state.
CBT-3780 Resolves a cosmetic issue in the FM Classics user interface.


CBT-3747 Trying to edit RingsFX data in the automation editor no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-3729 Fixes a rare crash when opening the MIDI editor.
CBT-3701 MIDI editor playhead is now always in sync with the one in the Arrange Window.
CBT-1355 Ruler now shows the same grid as the selected snap grid in the arranger and all editors.
CBT-3759 Selecting multiple velocity events now considers the height of the velocity bars.
CBT-3018 Selected notes are no longer ignored when using the “Draw” tool to edit note velocities.
CBT-3019 Fixes a rare issue that reset all note velocities when drawing velocities in the MIDI editor.
CBT-3687 Editing split events in the audio editor now works as expected.


CBT-3745 Ableton Link has been updated to LinkKit 3.2.0
CBT-3726 Android audio engine has been updated to Oboe 1.8.1
CBT-1633 Project bit resolution default has been set to 24-bit, which can be freely customized by the user.
CBT-3720 Fixes a rare crash related to mixdown to separate files.
CBT-197 The mixer no longer closes when opening an effect.
CBT-3712 Fixes an issue where the audio file tempo was wrong after changing the sample rate.
CBT-3222 Muted tracks are skipped when enabling the “Create separate files for tracks” mixdown option.
CBT-3628 The Share button is now properly disabled if no file is selected.
CBT-3122 Send level automation is now properly displayed during playback.
CBT-3696 Sharing MIDI Learn presets now works as expected.
CBT-3697 MIDI Learn support added for instrument preset prev/next buttons.
CBT-3711 Fixes a problem where the cycle button shows a wrong state via Mackie Control.
CBT-3743 Audio output is no longer broken after reopening Cubasis on Apple Vision Pro.


CBT-3692 Resolves a crash when launching Cubasis on Android.
CBT-3749 Fixes a rare crash in low-memory situations on Android.
CBT-3686 Fixes a serious problem when trying to share a mixdown with Cubasis LE Trial on Android.
CBT-3671 Connected Bluetooth devices on Android are now properly shown in the “Input & Output Devices” setup option.

Be Inspired To Create Great Music Instantly | What’s New in Cubasis 3.6.5


These are such useful additions to the app. Thank you so much!!!

One wish: I would like to split a stereo track into two tracks: mono left & mono right. Any chance of getting such an update?

Great update! Vielen Danks!
One thing I ran into because I have auto-update turned off though: when you open the App Store and go to your purchased apps, the option to update Cubasis is not there. It just has the Open icon. You have to tap and go into the Cubasis page in the App store and the Update icon shows up there.


Greetings. My biggest wish would be to be able to edit multiple midi tracks simultaneously with a single piano roll.

Thank you Cubasis team,
This latest v3.6.5 update takes Cubasis 3 to another level.
Just to mention a few new features-the new copy function is brilliant. The Audio glue is also an absolute must and I am so pleased you have included this feature, also mixing down to mp3 now saves me using other apps to convert m4a.
Thanks again :beers:

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Now that you have a Chrome OS version and since Chrome OS is a rebranded branded and “locked down” version of Linux, would Steinberg consider creating a full Cubase Pro version for Linux distributions line Ubuntu Studio or any Debian based linux distribution? There are a lot of us that would much prefer using Linux rather than the nightmare that Windows is but the option doesn’t exist. Prior to purchasing Cubase 12 pro I was using Ardour as my DAW in Linux. I really didn’t want to switch to a Windows based PC due to the long list of Window issues. Linux is far more stable and immune to viral/parasite issues and lacks the “system registry” that causes Windows to be the way it is. There are lots of folks out there that would gladly purchase a great piece of progressional software for linux like Cubase. I’ve been using Linux based PCs since 2005 and use it on every PC I use but the studio computer is a Windows 10 machine simply because I have no other option for Cubase or Nuendo. Although Apple OS is based off of a Unix like OS, the product is way overpriced and not an option most want to move to. Now that Steinberg has developed Cubase that runs on Chrome OS (a Linux operating system) would you guys consider the rest of the tweaks to this version that would run on a standard desktop version of Linux, like Ubuntu?

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Hi @C.F.Christopher

Thanks for your message.

In the Cubasis forum we discuss all things Cubasis. You may post your request in the Cubase forum.


Ugh, missed the sale and want to gift it to a young student before school starts. Any hint on when it goes on sale again? Black Friday, or sooner?

Hi @PaulieDC

We’re sorry to read that you’ve missed our previous sale. Please make sure to join the Steinberg newsletter, making sure not miss upcoming sales promos.

& stay safe,

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