Cubasis 3.6 + Asus Notebook PC ( Chromebook )

Hello everyone and thanks for the help and advice.
Something new to solve latency problems with Cubasis 3.6 and Asus Notebook PC Model: CX5601FB
(Chromebook) without having to buy new external sound cards? (I have already bought two different models and the problem continues).
It is not a problem with my Chromebook, since I have managed to record without latency with certain small applications where the sound is right in time, without the slightest lag.
I think it’s more of a configuration problem between the more “professional” multitrack programs and these latest generation Chromebooks.
Do not advise me (please) to change my Chromebook for another type of PC because I love this device for other reasons…just give me a hand, you great sound and music professionals, because in the technical support of the big brands, I think they are not able, or do not want to (or cannot) find a solution to this great latency problem that has many traveling musicians like me more than tired.
Thanks again to everyone.

Hi @Josequinox

Thanks for your message.

The performance of Cubasis for Android is strongly related to the Android device in use.

You can give it a try to change the “Latency” and “Multi-core Processing” values, located under “Setup/Audio”.

Hope that helps!