Cubasis 3.6 Interface performance improvement

@LSlowak Lars, as I’m using Cubasis 3.6, I have to say that the interface feels like it’s performing faster and smoother than 3.5.1. On my iPad with only an A12 chip, 3GB of RAM and 256Gb storage, I can feel a positive difference.
As big as the HALion download was (1.8G) it’s amazingly smooth, too, Moving through all those instruments and loading them when picked, there’s no pause or any indication of strain on the hardware.
For that, I say, Good job, Steinberg!

Hi @Johne1

Thank you very much for sharing your positive experience, using Cubasis 3.6 and the new instruments - greatly appreciated.

We are very glad to read that you seem to enjoy using the new update and HALion Sonic Selection too.

Thanks again!

Enjoy being creative
& stay safe and sound,

You’re welcome, @LSlowak Lars!
I hope you passed on my positive comments to the developers. We all like a thank you once in a while and this upgrade is sure appreciated by me.
You stay safe, too.
Thank you,

Hi Lars,
I want to pass on my thoughts of Cubasis and the recent 3.6 update and new instruments.
When the update was completed I attempted to recreate the few problems I have reported to you over the last several months, because having a trouble free workflow is important, I am very happy to write that all is now FIXED, thank you🙂
I know a lot of us users experienced problems with the HALion download, and it was a bit frustrating awaiting its final installation, but boy it was worth the wait.
HALion is an absolute diamond, I have tons of synth apps and use most of them regularly, but HALion presets are all extremely usable and very clean sounding, I know the presets are not really editable, but who actually edits presets these days. I have lost count of the many complaints I have read from users on this forum who say they they just want “ready to use good go to presets” so as not to waste their musical productivity, and there are those who have just recently said these new instruments are rubbish and they should be able to delete them. This makes me angry because your team at Steinberg have produced a fantastic set of instruments, that are probably more stable than many third party apps.
There are also 60+ drum kits in there too!
To quote CJ Monster “with HALion you could almost create a whole project”, I agreed wholeheartedly.

I am more than happy with Cubasis 3 and I applaud the whole Steinberg team for an excellent product :clap:t2:

Hi @fixitmania53

Many thanks for your kind feedback!

We are sorry for all users who experience issues to download the instruments, which may be caused by the high demand. From what I’ve read all of them managed to grab them by know… We fully understand the frustration this might have caused.

We are overwhelmed by all the positive postings, and are glad to read that you love the new instruments as much as we do. Hope they will be a great motivation to come up with great new tracks!!

Thanks again for the kind comment!