Cubasis 3 - Android - Guitar Amps

Hi All,
First post here and hope you can help.
I was looking at getting Cubasis 3 for my Android Tablet, it’s new and a high spec model so not expecting issues running it. But what i would like to know is, are there any guitar amping options for this app? Or can you use it with other apps like Deplike, Tonebridge, Amplitube etc?
Any help would be appreciated


Thank you for your message and welcome to the forum!

Please give our freely downloadable Cubasis LE 3 Trial a try, to see if the app performs fine with your Android device. While the Trial version only includes a few Cubasis features, it might be of help for testing purposes.

As of yet, the are no options available to add 3rd party apps, comparable to the iOS world unfortunately. Nevertheless, we do our best to make the app better with every update. And who knows, maybe guitar amps will be added at some point in the future as well.

Hope that helps!