CUBASIS 3 Android. Help! How do I get autotune plugin?

I cannot for the life of me find an autotune plugin in the Cubasis app, or figure out how to get one. Anyonr have advice? Please? Im on Android. Gimmie a break.

Hi @electrontexan,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Please note that the Waves plug-in in-app purchases are exclusive to iOS.

However, Cubasis for Android supports real-time pitch-shifting including formant correction. Please give the feature a try, to see if it works out for you.

Hope that helps!

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Where do I find the pitch shift and correction functions in Cubasis. I cant find them

The “transpose” button in the toolbar of the event editor.
Thats where you stretch n pitch.


Hi @electrontexan,

Please follow these steps to find and make use of the real-time pitch-shift feature in Cubasis:

  • Select an audio event to be pitched in the Arrange Window
  • Tap “Transpose” in the sub menu bar and make your changes

To learn more, please note that the feature is also explained in detail in our New Features in Cubasis 2.0 tutorial.

Hope that helps!


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I found it. Thank you. Must say this is.very dissappinting. Please, if you will not offer Waves, can Cubasis offer something of the like? Perfectly willing to pay here. Seems like you all are cutting out half of your business.

Oof they say everywhere that waves is an Ios exclusive so fingers crossed

It would be nice to know what is planned ,as in dlc & add ons, for the near future on android (and also ios ofc) or is this about it…

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