Cubasis 3 android plugin support?

Hi guys, I have recently bought cubasis 3 for my android phone and gotta say I am blown away, I have been a licensed Cubase user for some years, but I don’t have a computer anymore, so when I seen cubasis was released for android I snapped it up in the black friday sales. Even after using cubasis android for a few minutes, I felt completely at home, steinberg have managed to capture the heart of cubase into a mobile device, I am very happy with my purchase!! However… I felt quite jealous when I seen the auv3 plugin support that the ios version has, will cubasis android be likely to get the same support in the future?
Thank you Steinberg for everything you do! :heart:

Hi FunkyEdy,

Thank you very much for your message.
We are glad to read that you seem to enjoy using Cubasis so far.

As of yet, there are no 3rd party formats available on Android similar to AUv3 on iOS unfortunately. We hope this will change at some point in the future.

Best wishes
& stay healthy,

Will there ever (please) be an option to map midi CC to on/off FX on android??

Hello, many of us hope that Steinberg as a manufacturer will bring Cubasis 3 closer to the world of Daws. Continuous updates show progress. For which I thank him and we persistently hope. :slight_smile: paid attention to the problems of those users who want to use mobile daws more seriously. In their new publications Micrologue preset, minisampler cbi. they support Cubasis 3 with other materials. Publications for competitions are free. Paid content represents more serious quality. It’s worth looking around.