Cubasis 3 Babyface Pro FS no input signal


Help please!

I have an RME Babyface Pro FS and am using Cubasis 3. Totalmix FX is working fine but I am not able to record any track. There is no signal going into the track channel.

Does anyone Cubasis 3 and is using a Babyface as an interface?

I have the Babyface plugged into a power adaptor. I also plugged the Apple camera adaptor with a lightning cable just in case, plugged to a power adaptor. The unit is in CC mode.

Totalmix FX AN input 1 shows a signal, Master is showing a signal, but when I go to Cubasis and speak into the mic, no signal. For routing, I have it set to mono and 1.

What am I missing? Appreciate the help!


Hi all,

Just an update. Problem is now solved. I uninstalled Cubasis 3 and reinstalled it right after. It is now working. Am now able to record using my Babyface Pro FS.

Hi @lorendain,

Thanks for the update!
Glad to read that the Babyface works as expected with Cubasis!