Cubasis 3 chords track like feature

Cubasis 3 on android lacks the capability to create a chords track to make sure that the notes are in the selected key.

I tried to create a new midi track and manually draw the keys that I want to use in my chords.

Then I created another midi channel but there’s no way to associate the two channels together the way we could previously do it in cubase.

I also tried to create a midi track, draw the keys that’s I want in the first bar, use the midi track selection tools to skip playing the first bar, this gets me closer to my desired goal but at the same time it is very tedious to create a scale key map for each midi track that I create. Like the image below

Is it possible to have chord tracks in this current version of cubasis 3?

Hi flowhen,

Thank you for your message.
As of yet, Cubasis does not include a chord track-like feature.


A Chord Track would be excellent for this mobile app.


A Chord Track would be excellent for this mobile app.

Hi pbognar,

Cubasis supports the use of AU MIDI effects.

For now, you might have a look at the available 3rd party chord app solutions, which might come closer to fulfil your need.

Best wishes,

Well the AU plug-in format is only available for Apple devices. This discussion is about android.

Hi Lars,

I’m hoping that some of the features of Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer will make it into Cubasis Android- specifically they way that the placement of chords causes MIDI tracks to follow them.