Cubasis 3 Cracking problem

Hi there,

I am having a problem with Cubasis 3 version 3.6.1 on my iPad.

I am using the Steinberg ur44. I was recording some piano when I noticed some crackling through the headphones as I was playing.

I then realized the crackling happens just when I was pressing random buttons. For example when pressing the mixer button on and off.

I disconnected everything so I was just using the iPad alone…and it’s still doing the same thing out of the iPad speakers…

Do I have to reinstall the app? I just worry about losing all my presets that ive bought.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


Are you using wired or Bluetooth headphones?
What’s changed in your recording rig setup? Any new hardware in your studio?
Have you changed the way things are connected?
Have these headphones worked quietly in this same recording studio setup before now?
What happens if you use a different set of headphones or earbuds?
Has a ground lift switch changed setting? Possibly accidentally and maybe you haven’t noticed?
With crackling headphones, my first suspect is the headphone wiring, plug, or jack.
I’m presuming you’ve unhooked everything from your iPad, including the charger or external power supply. Restarting your iPad, reconnecting only the headphones, and running only a music player app, such as Apple Music, does crackling occur as you use the music player apps functions?


Hi Pianoman334,
Here is a problem I had when I bought my iPad Air 4 two years ago.
Every time I launched Cubasis with a project that contained Synthmaster 2, the speakers and headphones continually emitted a crackling sound every 10 seconds, I thought it was a problem with the iPad at first and after speaking to Apple Help, it was arranged that a replacement iPad would be available under the guarantee.
Like yourself I worried about loosing presets and the like. BUT, it turned out to be Synthmaster 2 was the problem, in SM2 settings the “Play In Background” was enabled, as soon as I disabled it the problem stopped and I no longer needed a replacement iPad. What I am saying is check you don’t have similar issues with your plugins in Cubasis.
Sorry for waffling on :zipper_mouth_face:

Interesting find, Mike Good to know. Thanks

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Hi John,
You know me, I’m full of stories to tell lol but if they help then all is good :+1:
What do you think of the iM1 becoming AUv3, I think it’s fantastic, I hope they update the iwavestation too :pray:

I just realised something! Last night I read Tim’s post above and there were no replies to it, so I was the first person to leave a response, but somehow your message to Tim mysteriously appeared 3 hours before mine but it was not displayed on my screen at the actual time I was writing? perhaps you are a time traveller🤫

Hi @Pianoman334

Thanks for your message.

Please give the following steps a try:

  • Close all running apps, including Cubasis.
  • Fully shut down the iPad (turn it fully off).
  • Restart the iPad and launch Cubasis with an empty project.
  • Create a MIDI track and assign it to the MicroSonic piano (if not done already).

If the problem persists, please choose a higher latency value (Setup/Audio).

Please keep me updated.


I certainly appreciate all of you. When things like this happen, and I can’t do what I love… my life basically stops until it’s fixed😅. Its seems it has something to do with the latency. When I adjust it…it helps, but then as I’m playing my keyboard (i use a real one), there’s a delay…so this adjustment just causes another problem. It wasn’t like this before but maybe it’s something that will adjust on its own. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again for your support.


Hi Tim,
If any of us can help, we will😉
Here is something else to try and it may help the Latency problem. There are some plugins that are DSP hungry, so, reset the Latency to a level you are happy with, tap SYSTEM INFO on the left and watch the DSP level as you hit the PLAY button, if it starts maxing out in places, momentarily mute each track one by one until you reach the culprit that causes the interference, tap the FREEZE tab for that track and see if that helps you in your quest for low Latency playing.

Just to confirm so everyone can learn… I re-downloaded the whole app and it was still doing it. Changing the latency stopped it so it is a latency issue… But that lead into delay problems… Luckily I found a latency setting that I can barely notice any delay when I’m singing… it sort of sounds weird being perfectly in sync. But I can’t complain I’m just glad it’s working Reasonably. Someday I want to get a real mac so I don’t have these little issues😁 Thanks again for all your help

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Hi @Pianoman334

Glad to read, that increasing latency resolves your issue.

In addition, you may check to reduce the overall number of instruments/effects, which can stress the CPU of your device in use too. There are several strategies to make use of (use send effects, track freeze etc.).

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Last time my cracking sounds appeared as I had loaded the same instrument 5-6 times. So it was totally a performance CPU issue for me.