Cubasis 3 - Feature Requests

Hi all,

I’ve recently started using Cubasis 3 for making music in my down time and I’ve been really impressed with it and its features so far. For a little context, I’m a professional sound designer for video games and so am familiar with multiple DAW’s, Reaper being my main tool of choice currently on my desktop PC.
I’ve been blown away with Cubasis 3 on my iPad and am seriously contemplating utilising it on the go for editing recordings, however there are a few things that I miss that I feel would greatly add to the overall experience, both from the point of view of an amateur musician and a professional sound designer. Please could you consider adding these following features to future versions of Cubasis?


  • The ability to enable cross-fading between clips on the timeline.

  • An frequency analyser on the studio eq plugin would be a very welcome addition

  • Markers that you can name would help greatly when setting up an arrangement or structure for a song.

  • A native noise reduction plugin would be incredibly useful for cleaning up recordings/samples.

  • The ability to sort 3rd party plugins into categories or custom folders would be very welcome, similar to how you can in Reaper (n-track does this pretty well).

  • Ripple editing would make experimenting with song structures and generally moving items around on the timeline much easier.

  • The ability to group items on the timeline so that you can move multiple items easily at once (this would be really useful when experimenting with arrangements and song structure) and to ensure that you don’t accidentally modify your arrangement unintentionally.


I agree with all these and also add in the ability to show/hide tracks and busses so you can keep only what you’re working on at the time in view on the arrangement and mix views. Would really help for small screens.

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My own personal feature request is probably considered silly, I wish we could change the styles/fonts/colors on CB3. Skins, so to speak.

  1. Mackie support for track meters
  2. Mackie support for plug-ins (preferably third party - I use DDMF, FabFilter and Toneboosters primarily - but at the very least, the Waves plug-ins purchased through the Cubasis store)

I want to really use my X Touch controller with Cubasis.

Android Cubasis user here.

Another vote here for the ability to cross-fade clips. It could dramatically improve Cubasis 3.x output quality.

Another big improvement would be a Cubase-like MIDI drum editor. Editing drums on a conventional piano roll is no fun. Cubase does MIDI drum editing better than just about everything else, can’t we get that ported over to Cubasis 3.x?

Other than that, some sort of VST/VSTi/AU plugin format would be really cool. Since Micrologue & RoomWorks SE etc. is separately purchasable from within Cubasis, it must surely be technically feasible? It could also add another revenue stream for Steinberg… :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks