Cubasis 3 Features Wish List

Hey Folks:
I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place for it, but I just started using Cubasis 3, importing audio from another DAW into it to continue working on the mix. During my usage, I have ran into some shortcomings, which inspired me to create a wish list of features that I hope make it into a future version of Cubasis, if not Cubasis 3.

They are the following:

  • Keyboard shortcuts - I use the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio extensively, so it seems natural that some often-used key commands would be a great workflow enhancer. Not just the common ones from iOS, but others that are common in DAWs, like my next with list feature…

  • Project-wide slicing - the project that was created in another DAW, transferred to Cubasis, had each track as a long stem. Adding them to Cubasis, I would like to so that when I line the stems up and select all, there should be an option so that if I were to make a slice at the first two bars, the cuts would carry over in said increments until the last two bars (or shorter) of the project.

  • Uasing the keyboard as a MIDI controller - I’m not sure how possible that is in the iOS environment to use the Apple typing keyboards, or a third-party one, as a MIDI controller, but it would be cool to see and get in those scales and chords.

  • In the Apple share sheet, there’s a copy to Cubasis option.I would love to see a similar option to maybe “open in Cubasis” so that the stems I take from a DAW can open on the timeline as a new project in Cubasis, and save a few steps.

  • AAF support - cuz, well, not all of us have Cubase

Those are the items on my list. I hope that any, or all of these, find their way into the software.

Many thanks for reading!

Don’t forget about trackpad support :grin:

Connected/Ghost(?) patterns - Not sure if this is the correct term. Basically, to have MIDI patterns/events that, upon edit, also updates all instances/copies of the modified pattern/event.

Change of tempo/timesig mid-track

Multiple tracks per instrument Or even multiple lanes per track. So one instrument is associated with multiple tracks and there is no need to instantiate the same instrument/plugin several times.

Send midi between tracks.