Cubasis 3 for Android and Samsung Galaxy Tab a 2016

Since I wasn’t able to install Cubasis for Android on a Samsung Galaxy Tab a (2016) with the given explanation my tablet was missing a 64 bit CPU I started a little quest for an answer. I found out that - according to Samsung and the internet - my tablet does actually support 64 bit software but somehow Cubasis doesn’t know that. Even more interesting: I seem to be not the only one to have this problem. Does anyone have a slight clue what the problem may be?

My tablet:
Samsung Galaxy Tab a (2016
samsung exynos 7870 octa
Android Version:

I have just encountered the same thing.

It’s a little baffling given that the Tab A is such a high selling device which ostensibly looks like it should run Cubasis no problems.

Hi cm900, Hi TanukiUK,

If Google detects a device which is incompatible with an app offered, the app will not become available for purchase in Google Play.
Unfortunately, this means that your device does not support 64-bits apps, and Cubasis in general. For more details, please get in touch with the manufacturer of your device.


It does have 64bit architecture but for some reason Samsung provide only a 32bit version of Android with that device. There are plenty of custom firmwares (roms) for this device that will allow Cubasis to work, but flashing a new ROM isn’t for the faint of heart.