Cubasis 3 Freezing Track is not identical to live track

When I make a track, let‘s say, a drum loop and add effects to it - in my case I used Filterstep AU - and then freeze or render it as a mixdown, the track does not sound the same. Some of the effect settings are completely off. This seems to me like there is a bug with insert effects and freezing a track. When can this be resolved?

Hi dreikelvin,

Are you able to provide us with the project, to give it a review?

In addition, could the problem be related to using Filterstep, that possibly leads to different results/different filter movements per playback (which would be expected behavior in this case)?


I tried this with other effects, as well so I don‘t think it is just Filterstep.

Will send you a project file shortly.

Sent you two files via PM! Plugins where I noticed this issue so far: DLYM, Turnado, Scatterbrain, Filterstep, Granular