Cubasis 3 huge project size with one auv3 midi track

Hello Cubasis team,

I have an issue which I would like to report:

  1. Summary/Title
    Cubasis project file is huge (403 Mb) even though project contains one midi track with auv3 instrument (Koala sampler, 134 Mb project).

  2. Description
    When starting new empty Cubasis project and adding one midi track with one Koala sampler instance with 134 Mb Koala project, the size of the Cubasis project jumps to 238 Mb after the first save (opening other Cubasis project). When opening the Cubasis project again and making no changes to it, saving it (opening other Cubasis project) updates the project file size to an even larger 403 Mb. With this project size, Cubasis begins to get slightly unresponsive.

3. Expected Results
I am not sure of the memory handling and state saving within Cubasis with auv3 plugins, but I would expect the size of the project loaded into Koala sampler not to have an effect on the Cubasis project file size. With larger Koala projects (~200 Mb), the Cubasis project file size has gone up to ~1 Gb.

4. Actual Results
Large Cubasis proejct file size which makes Cubasis sluggish.

5. Environment
iPad Pro 12.9 1 Tb 2018 3rd gen
iOS 15.3
Cubasis 3.4

Hi @kimeiroma,

Thanks for your report which has been shared with the team.