Cubasis 3 input track no signal Babyface Pro FS


I am using a RME Babyface Pro FS into an iPad Pro 10.5. I have the Babyface plugged with a power adaptor and the Apple camera connector powered via lightning cable to a power outlet. I am using Cubasis 3.

Totalmix FX is working fine. I have a mic plugged in to AN 1 and I see a good signal. Main out is showing AN 1/2 and has a signal as well.

My problem is is that after all that, I can’t seem to get a track in Cubasis to work. There is no signal in the input meter. When I play the demo, it all seems fine.

When I click Input source in the audio track, it shows, mono/stereo. I click Mono and 1. Then nothing.

Am I missing something?

Help please

Thank you.


Duplicate (and solved already), please read here:

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