Cubasis 3 > iPad > Audio editor > How to edit out unwanted noise?

I want to zero out a section of a track to eliminate some noise at the beginning (a hi-hat used as a countdown). If I use the Erase function, it cuts the selected section of audio which totally throws off the timing of the song. Is there a way to do this without having to export the track into another editor? I can do it in Soundforge, but moving audio tracks back and forth is a huge hassle. I’m hoping I’m just missing something, but this option should be available in the Cubasis 3 editor. Thx - joe

Hi surfdude2000,

Thanks for your message.

Does it work for you to edit the event in the Arrange Window?
Here you should be able to cut out the unwanted parts via split/erase.

Hope that helps to solve the problem.