Cubasis 3 iPad background while using Ultimate Guitar

I’d like to be able to start Cubasis3 put it in the background on my iPad and then launch ultimate guitar and play a song and record it. I can’t figure out how to do that. Does anybody know?

For a start I’d suggest changing the tag on your post from Cubase to Cubasis so it attracts the attention of folks who actually know about Cubasis.

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Use Audiobus?

Hi @squirrelly.hurley,

Thanks for your message.

Please make sure to enable “Background Audio” (located under "Setup/Audio) in Cubasis. Once done it should work to switch between both apps and record your files in Cubasis.

If required, please see below for more details.
Please let me know if this works for you as expected.


Make sure “Background Audio” is enabled under "Setup/Audio"Go to “Setup/Audio”.

(1) Launch “Cubasis” and “Ultimate Guitar”.
(2) Start your recording in “Cubasis”.
(3) Use the app switcher to locate to the “Ultimate Guitar” app.
(4) Once done, go back to “Cubasis” via the app switcher and stop the recording.

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