Cubasis 3 not importing or showing MIDI Markers

Hi everyone,
I just purchased the full license of cubasis 3 with all of the in app purchases and I hoped I can edit my MIDI files that I export from my arranger keyboard.
When I open the file on cubase on mac, I see all tracks and the Markers. Bit when I open the same file with cubasis 3, then I only see the tracks. No markers are shown. The MIDI file is attached here.
I would be glad for any workaround.
Best Regards,
Standard 16Beat.MID (58.8 KB)

Hi there,
At the moment there is no marker track in Cubasis3 on iOS, hopefully Steinberg may implement this feature sometime in the near future :crossed_fingers:

What a pitty. If I knew it, I would not have purchased the app. Thanks anyway for your prompt reply.

All is not lost…….
There is method that I use and it works well, I have suggested it to others and they seem to be ok with it.
If you look at my photo on track one, I have added a midi track and labelled it MARKER, I then cut this track at the appropriate places, named and coloured them. The good thing about this method is if you have a lot of tracks, you can drag this track down to a new position to make it easier to “see where you are”.
Hope it helps
Mike :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for your kind response but I do not only need to import the markers but also to export them back. Actually wha I am doing is importng a style file from Yamaha or Korg arranger keyboards and I want to modify them and export the modified version to the arranger back. It could be done with cubase but apparently not possible with cubasis.
Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

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