Cubasis 3 overdub and looper

In your user manual for Cubasis 3, it states:
“Overdub and looper recording modes
Choose the perfect mode for your recording task.”

That is the only reference to either of those terms in your manual.

  • What are they?
  • What is the difference?
  • How does one choose “Overdub”?
  • How does one choose “Looper”?

For my needs, I am hoping there is something like “lanes” in Cubase. So if you could split the takes from each iteration of the loop into separate tracks, that would be great. If Cubasis cannot do this, well, then it cannot do it. I can do it myself, but of course, you have to stop the recording, make new tracks, and record on the new track, then pick your best take later. I would probably import the project into Cubase to do that work.

Anyway, you need to clarify this in the manual. Mentioning “overdub” and “looper” without explaining how they work is incomplete.

Thank you for your assistance.